2020 - 2021

ESU 05
2020 - 2021
ESU 05

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
Acadience Reading (formerly DIBELS Next Training)
Training school staff to correctly administer all assessments within Acadience Reading.
Content Area Training
Best practice professional learning of instructional strategies related to specific content areas or cross-curricular use.
Crisis Team/School Safety Trainings
Coordinate sharing of current best practice and provide workshops on school safety and crisis teams.
CTE Career Technical Education
Work with SEC Career Academy, Makerspace, ReVISION Grants, Perkins Grant
Standards adoption, curriculum alignment, curriculum development, curriculum revision and new instructional materials adoption.
Customized Training
District specific request for professional development.
Instructional Model
Instructional model selection and implementation support (Marzano, Danielson, District selected)
Training and support to create multi-tiered systems to support all students by delivering a range of evidence based instruction tailored to meet individual needs.
Facilitate continued learning and collaboration opportunities for job-alike educators: Counselors, Media Specialists, Reading Coordinators, Leaders of Technology, World Language Teachers
New Teacher Workshop
Program intended to welcome, support and develop first year teachers.
Support Staff Trainings
Google for Clerical Staff
Technology Integration
Digital Citizenship, Online Resources,
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Material/Equipment Checkout
Makerspace Equipment, Green Screen Studio, DL camera / mic system, planetarium other check-out-able stuff. ESU 5 loans leading edge technologies to member schools.
Technology (84-002.05B)
Desktop video conferencing support
Zoom is a desktop web and video conferencing purchased for SNDLC schools through a consortium buy. ESU 5 staff manage accounts, train and deploy zoom accounts to its member schools.
Financial Support of Internet
Circuit and Internet Purchases: Directly responsible for purchase of bandwidth for ESU 5 districts.
GAFE Support
Google Apps for Education support and training
LAN Manager Support & Training
Training and meetings held 3-4 times a year. Focus on empowering districts to support their networks and teachers with internet and technology topics.
LAN Support
Design of wireless and wired infrastructure. Point to point wireless configuration and design for remote locations. Network engineering.
Learning Management System Support
Canvas, Google Classroom
Network Security
Providing network security through firewall support, software installations and training of staff and member districts. Provide firewall configuration, support and automated backup for quick recovery incase of hardware failure. Spare firewalls to minimize school downtime incase of firewall failure. Provide group purchasing for filtering solutions, in addition to installation and configuration. Trouble shooting of network issues such as packet loss or hardware issues. Prtg for montioring network equipment.
Product/Subscription Support
Training and support offered to districts for those services offered to schools statewide. Support includes accounts and integration.
SIS/LMS Support
Support schools with their PowerSchool SIS. Training and support offered to district in use of LMS, specifically Canvas.
SSO and Portal
ESU 5 supports its member school for their access to the state Adviser Dashboard. This includes configuration of single-sign-on, NebraskaCloud, NSSRS and Ed-Fi data uploads.
Statewide Initiative Support
ESU 5 staff participates in statewide technology trainings. Presents that information to member schools. Staff represents ESU 5 in NOC,and ESUPDO.
Technology Hardware Support
Maintaining and managing the technology for ESU 5 staff. Jitbit has been implemented as a ticket system for tracking support requests. The technology staff advises in the selection and purchase of technology utilized to support staff . Support includes installing software, hardware, networking, and security.
Technology Software Support
The technology staff advises in the selection and purchase of technology utilized when requested by member districts.
Technology Tools and Infrastructure Support
Technology staff maintains network support in order for all staff to have internet access. This includes Google administration, DNS, and monitoring via PRTG.
WAN Support
Internet bandwidth is supplied to member schools to meet their network needs. This service includes monitoring and firewall support, packet capturing, viewing logs to identify issues.
Student Services
Behavior and Physical Management Training (Mandt/CPI)
Mandt and CPI physical management training by certified trainer
Behavior Consultation
Schools have access to a consultant for students with behavioral challenges
Deaf Education
A teacher for students who are deaf or hard of hearing
Early Childhood Planning Region Team
ESU 5 guides the regional early childhood planning team for the area.
Early Childhood Services Coordination
Early Childhood Services Coordination for Gage Jefferson and Thayer Counties
Final Financial Reporting
Assist schools in reporting their final financial reports to the state of Nebraska
Grant Management (ILCD/PEaK/Early Childhood)
In charge of grants for various state and federal grant programs. In charge of dissemination of budget and financial program for schools.
Program Specific Team Planning
Disciplines have quarterly meetings for the purposes of consultation, professional growth, and case examination.
Other Services
Level I, II, or III Chinese language instruction provided to member school districts
Hands-on, inquiry based Science instruction to grades 3-6
Advisory Council
Superintendents of member school districts meets approximatley 7 times per year to make recommendations for necessary programs/services and to provide opportunity for superintendents to network and take action on educational issues of common concern.
Coop Purchasing
Coordinate ESUCC Coop purchasing
E-Rate Application Filing
E-Rate application coordination, filing and troubleshooting
Grant Support
Perkins, Title IIA, ReVISION
Group Purchasing (Baylor, Naviance, Odysseyware)
Facilitating group purchase of resources in order to provide discounted pricing for products.
Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities
Support, guidance and oversight of the NDE mandated ILCD Process.
Nebraska Powerschool Cooperative
PowerSchool Student Management System and Advisor support
School Governance Support
Provide supports for policy development, superintendent mentorship, cooperative purchase, student loan forgiveness program, federal & state legal mandates (FMLA, Title IX, SPED, Records Retention), Senators Roundtable
School Operations Support
Specialty Trainings: To include, but not limited to - Standard protocol response training, Crises team training, Suicide prevention, staff and student wellness, trauma informed care, school law webinars
Southeast Nebraska Alternative Program (SNAP)
Alternative Education program for students grades 10-12 that utilizes a combination of interventions and strategies to support the student behavioral and academic needs.
Student Activities
Quiz Bowl, Science Days, Winter Science Camp, Robotics Competition
Student Activities
Quiz Bowl, STEM Camp, Robotics Club
Student Record System
Support and oversight of the student record system to district resource staff and administration
Teacher Work Center
(Cricuts, Die Cuts, Book Binding Paper Materials, etc.)
Title I Program Support
Support, guidance and oversight of the NDE mandated ILCD Process.