2023 - 2024

Service Implementation Model Process and Log
  • Uses a data driven process to identify district needs
  • Guides ESUs to effectively fill the gaps within Nebraska school districts
  • Provides a comprehensive inventory of services offered by ESUs
  • Estimates cost savings ESUs provide to school districts

Educational Service Units (ESU) provide services and resources to Nebraska school districts. SIMPL is a data-driven process to systematically identify the needs of our districts and determine which services will most efficiently fill the gaps. This SIMPL website warehouses the comprehensive inventory of these services and provides the viewer with relevant information specific to each service, school district, and ESU. Each of the 17 ESUs contribute data based on daily operations around the services they provide. These data are collected to allow Nebraskans an understanding of the educational services available to Nebraska school districts, the services accessed by Nebraska school districts, and the estimated cost savings as a result of partnering with ESUs to receive these services.

Educational Service Units…Service is our middle name.