2021 - 2022

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)

1101.00 - Continuous Improvement
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to assist with the continuous improvement process ‘CIP’. Examples: steering committee meeting, mission/ vision work, data support, data dashboard, comprehensive needs assessment, CIP goal selection, action plans, program evaluation, preparing for the CIP external visit; support for Comprehensive Support and Improvement ‘CSI’, and Targeted Support and Improvement ‘TSI’ and Additional Targeted Support and Improvement ‘ATSI’ student designations.
1101.01 - Data Analysis
1101.02 - Mission/Vision
1101.03 - Goal Setting
1101.04 - Data Literacies
1101.06 - CSI/TSI
1102.00 - Multi-Tiered System of Supports
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to establish Multi-tiered System of Support processes and practices, including Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports ‘PBIS’ and Social Emotional and Behavioral Learning ‘SEBL’. Examples: regional meetings, team meeting, data analysis, action plans, creating process/protocols, on-site coaching, Targeted Improvement Plan ‘TIP’, Results Driven Accountability ‘RDA’, Performance Enhancement and Knowledge ‘PEaK’ Project, NeMTSS.
1102.01 - TIP
1102.02 - PBIS
1102.03 - SEBL
1102.04 - PEaK
1102.05 - Results Driven Accountability
1102.06 - Mental Health PD
1103.00 - School Climate and Culture
Training, support and consultation for sustaining, improving and re-establishing school environments that are conducive and supportive of learning. Examples: school safety teams and plans, crisis teams, psychological first aid, standard protocol response training, suicide prevention, staff and student wellness, self care, trauma informed care, school law webinars, Title IX training, de-escalation training (Mandt, Crisis Prevention Institute ‘CPI’), equity.
1103.01 - Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
1103.02 - Title IX Training
1103.03 - Equity
1103.04 - Standard Response Protocol Training (SRP)
1103.05 - Self Care
1104.00 - Leadership
A series of opportunities to engage in discussion and learning about initiatives and professional growth. Examples: Leadership meetings, Mentoring training, Walkthrough development, Evaluation tool development, Technology Integration tools, Review of principal and teacher standards, adult learners, balanced leadership, change process/change management, teambuilding, teacher/principal evaluation
1104.01 - Principal Development
1104.02 - Superintendent Development
1104.03 - Board of Education Development
1104.04 - Professional Learning Leader Development
1104.05 - Coach/Teacher Leader Development
1104.06 - Annual Policy Updates
1104.07 - Student Services Leadership
1104.08 - Assessment Leadership
1104.09 - Medicaid in Public Schools
1104.10 - Tech Leadership Cadre
1105.00 - Curriculum
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to assist in the curriculum development process, including selection and implementation of instructional materials. Examples: curriculum alignment, articulation of instructional units and scope and sequence, incorporating standards into classroom practice, high quality instructional materials selection and consultation, curriculum guides.
1105.01 - Standards Adoption
1105.02 - High Quality Instructional Materials Selection
1105.03 - Unit Development
1105.04 - Lesson Development
1105.05 - High Quality Instructional Materials Implementation
1106.00 - Instruction
Workshops, college courses, consultation or direct work with school districts that focus on optimal learning environments and effective instructional strategies. Examples: classroom culture, classroom management, effective instructional strategies, explicit instruction, co-teaching, Kagan, Differentiation, Direct Instruction, Vocabulary.
1106.01 - Instructional Framework/Model
1106.02 - ELA Content
1106.03 - Math Content
1106.04 - Science
1106.05 - Social Studies
1106.06 - Fine Arts
1106.07 - Career and Technical Education
1106.08 - Health and PE
1106.09 - World Language
1106.10 - STEM / STEAM
1106.11 - Instructional Strategies
1106.12 - Other/Non-NSCAS Content Trainings
1106.13 - Title 1C Administrative/Staff Coordination and Support
1106.14 - Instruction: Other
1107.00 - Assessment
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to develop formative and summative assessments and analyze and apply diagnostic, formative, interim and summative data. Examples: creation of classroom and district assessments, analysis of assessment data results, using assessment data to inform instruction, training and consultation related to classroom, state and national data, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills ‘DIBELS’, Acadience, Measures of Academic Progress ‘MAP’ Growth, Nebraska Student Centered Assessment System ‘NSCAS’ Growth. Nebraska Reading Improvement Act approved assessments
1107.01 - NWEA
1107.02 - NSCAS
1108.00 - Digital Learning
Professional learning and direct support for distrits and teachers in digital learning. Examples: remote learning, hybrid learning, blended learning, and the tools and resources used to facilitate digital learning, on-site classroom observations, technical assistance support, workshop facilitation, one-on-one consultation
1108.01 - Learning Management Systems
1108.02 - Digital Learning including BlendEd
1108.03 - Coding
1108.04 - Future Ready
1108.05 - Digital Citizenship
1108.06 - Data Privacy
1108.07 - Instructional Technology Integration
1108.08 - Instruction: eduCLIMBER
1108.09 - Device Implementation
1108.10 - Google Summit
1109.00 - Coaching
Consultation with individual educators, e.g., teachers, principals. Examples: classroom observations, reflective conversations, goal-setting, peer coaching, instructional rounds.
1109.01 - Teacher Coaching
1109.02 - Cadre Professional Learning and Networking Meetings
1109.03 - Principal Coaching
1109.04 - Mentoring
1109.05 - Personalized PD
1109.06 - New Teacher Cadre
1110.00 - New Teacher Academy
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts that focus on research-based, best practices designed across a variety of services to support beginning teachers and their mentors. Examples: lesson design, classroom management, student engagement, high yield strategies, technology integration, special education, parent-teacher conferences.
1110.01 - New Teacher Coaching/Mentor
1111.00 - Teacher/Principal Evaluation
Training and support in the development of district-wide practices for teacher or principal evaluation. Examples: Instructional framework adoption; consultation; training in evaluation best practices; administrator observation and data collection; Staff Evaluation Tool Support
1112.00 - Specialist Training, Support & Networking
Workshops, consultation or direct work with individuals who serve in specialized roles/capacities. Examples: school counselors, curriculum directors, technology integrationists, High Ability Learners ‘HAL’ coordinators, local area network ‘LAN’ managers, media coordinators, special education specialists, registered nurses, paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, custodians, lunch program staff, transportation providers and others.
1112.01 - Paraprofessional Training
1112.02 - Instructional Technology Users Group Meetings
1112.03 - HAL
1112.04 - Media
1112.05 - LAN Managers
1112.06 - Mental Health Training
1112.07 - Vision Professional Development and Training
1112.08 - SPED PD
1112.09 - Before Age 5 Training
1112.10 - End User Support: GOLD
1112.11 - Administrative Assistants
1112.12 - Head Start Partnership Support
1112.13 - EL Professional Learning
1112.14 - End User Support: eduCLIMBER
1112.15 - Dyslexia Preparation and Training

Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)

1201.00 - Products & Subscriptions
1202.00 - Equipment & Materials Checkout
Maintain a lending library for district loan. Examples: Makerspace equipment, video studio, STEM/STEAM lab, media resources, learning kits

Technology (84-002.05B)

1301.00 - Internet and WAN Support
1301.01 - Tech Consortium
1302.00 - Distance Learning & Videoconferencing
1303.00 - Networking Support
Services related to school owned networking equipment and LAN
1303.01 - Remote Support
1303.02 - Priority Remote Support
1303.03 - On-Site Support
1303.04 - Zoom video conference support
1303.05 - Virtual Field Trip Facilitation
1304.00 - Hardware/Software Support
1305.00 - Web, App, and Server Hosting
1306.00 - Erate
This service focuses on assisting schools with completing the processes required by the Universal Service Corporation for discounts on telecommunications services. These requirements include filing numerous reports, letting bids or requests for proposals, and completing on-line requests to receive calculated discounts for eligible services.
1307.00 - Technology Repair
Computer, Device, A/V, and othe requipment repair
1308.00 - Network Security, Event, & Performance Monitoring
Monitors all public IPs for security issues and works with school districts to remedy the issues Example: Network security through firewall support, software installations and training of staff and member districts. Provide firewall configuration, support and automated backup for quick recovery incase of hardware failure. Spare firewalls to minimize school downtime incase of firewall failure. Provide group purchasing for filtering solutions, in addition to installation and configuration. Trouble shooting of network issues such as packet loss or hardware issues. Prtg for montioring network equipment.
1309.00 - Network Planning
Support in design and implementation of servers, infrastructure and wireless.
1310.00 - Data Systems Support
Assistance and support for data reporting Examples: Adviser, NSSRS, Ed-Fi, School Information Systems, NebraskaCloud
1310.01 - ADVISER Support
1310.02 - Ed-Fi
1310.03 - NSSRS
1310.04 - Student Information Systems
1311.00 - Single Sign On/Nebraska Cloud
1312.00 - Contracted Technology Support
Tech support provided directly to school districts under a contract for personnel arrangement.

Student Services

1401.00 - Student Services Leadership
1401.01 - Early Intervention: Support
1401.02 - Child Find: Services Coordination
1401.03 - Direct Family Service
1401.04 - Direct Family Service: Navigators
1401.05 - Direct Family Service: Services Coordination
1401.06 - Supervision: Services Coordination
1401.07 - Research and Development: Service Coordination
1401.08 - State and Federal Reporting: Service Coordination
1401.09 - State and Federal Reporting: Student Services
1401.10 - Financials
1401.11 - State and Federal Reporting
1401.12 - Title 1C Instructional Services
1402.00 - Speech Language Pathology
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students ages Birth-21 with speech/language disabilities.
1403.00 - Vision
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students ages Birth-21 who are blind or visually impaired, inclusive of Orientation and Mobility services.
1404.00 - Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education services includes managing referrals and conducting evaluations of children birth to 5 years old.
1405.00 - School Psychology
Provide direct and indirect support through general education and special education processes. Provide individual, team, and systems-level supports and services to various problem-solving teams. Academic, social emotional, and behavioral assessment, consultation, collaboration with classroom teachers, special education staff, specialists, parents, administration, and school personnel to develop an effective plan to meet the needs of each individual student.
1405.01 - Psychological Evaluation
1405.02 - Therepuetic Services
1406.00 - Level III Programs
Includes regional learning and behavior programs
1406.01 - Special Education Level III Behavior
1406.02 - Special Education Level III Life Skills
1406.03 - Residential - Vision
1406.04 - Special Educational 18+
1407.00 - Special Education Coaching & Consultation
Supports teachers, other district staff, and families to assist, provide guidance, training, resources, and strategies for working with students by utilizing programming and materials to improve learning through meeting each individual student's needs (ages 0-21). Examples: Implement verbal behavior program, IEP development-how to write measurable goals, District IEP meeting facilitation, Direct teaching to assist IEP implementation, Para, Parent & Teacher training-Behavior strategies, role modeling, coaching, & data collection, Model, instruct and collect data for social skills & functional life skills, Develop data collection systems, Direct student services in the home, Differentiate instruction, Provide resources (web sites, trainings, curriculum materials, evidence based research )
1408.00 - Deaf Education
Provision of supports and services, including technology and self-advocacy, for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Examples: Regional programs, direct services, consultation, DHH Teacher, DHH Interpreter
1408.01 - Regional Deaf/Hard of Hearing Programs
1409.00 - Occupational Therapy
Licensed staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students with disabilities aged Birth-21.
1410.00 - Physical Therapy
Licensed staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students with disabilities aged Birth-21.
1411.00 - Transition Services
1412.00 - Audiology
Audiological supports and services to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Hearing assessments are conducted for any student suspected of having a disability or difference in their hearing.
1413.00 - Health Services
Provide health services to school districts. Examples: Annual screenings of district students for vision, hearing, dental health, blood pressure, height , and weight, nursing services, health appraisals.
1413.01 - Direct Student Service: Navigators
1413.02 - Mental Health
1414.00 - Behavior & Mental Health Support
Provides assistance to local educators and students, both verified and non-verified, to improve classroom behavior and student/teacher interaction through observation, consultation, screening and in-service. LMHP, Behaviorist services related to better understanding mental health issues in the public schools.
1415.00 - World Language Service
1416.00 - Student Assessment
1416.01 - DIBELS Deep Testing
1416.02 - Acadience Assessment
1417.00 - Outside of School Placement and Alternative Educational Services
Educational opportunities for students in need of Outside School Placements. ESU 13 area schools include LifeLink, Meridian, Panhandle Beginnings Therapeutic Day School and Valley Alternative Learning Transitioning Schools. ESU 13 provides educational programming, curriculum instruction and related services.
1418.00 - Services Coordination
Coordination of services for families of infants and toddlers with disabilities, across agency lines. Serves as the single point of contact in helping to obtain the services and assistance needed.

Grant Services

1501.00 - Grant Coordination and Facilitation, non-competitive
The writing, consultation, collabortion, and assistance with regional grants. Examples: Program planning, identification and implementation of strategies and interventions for students of ASD. Maintains lending library.
1501.01 - Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Grant
1501.02 - Perkins
1501.03 - Title I
1501.04 - Title IC
1501.05 - Title IIA
1501.06 - Title III Limited English Proficient
1501.07 - Title IV
1501.08 - Brain Injury Regional Student Support Team Grant activities
1501.09 - Transition Grants
1501.10 - ReVision
1501.11 - Planning Region
1501.12 - PEaK
1501.13 - Early Learning Connections
1501.14 - Assistive Technolgy
1502.00 - Grant Writing
1502.01 - Competitive Grant Supports: ITA
1502.02 - Competitive Grant Supports: EIR
1502.03 - Competitive Grant Supports: MTA
1502.04 - Competitive Grant Supports: Cultural Connections
1502.05 - Niobrara Grant Facilitation
1502.06 - Mastering the Arts
1502.07 - Regional Deaf/Hard of Hearing Programs
1502.08 - NeMTSS Regional Lead
1502.09 - NeMTSS Early Childhood Facilitator
1502.10 - ESU School Mental Health
1502.11 - System of Care-School Mental Health
1502.12 - Early Learning Connections - Coach Consultant

Other Services

1601.00 - Print Shop and Production Services
1602.00 - Evaluation of Programs and Services
Empirical research to determine program and service effectiveness.
1603.00 - Research
1603.01 - Action Research
1603.02 - Data, Research, and Evaluation

Other (not a requirement of SIMPL)

1701.00 - Other Student Services (not a requirement of SIMPL)
Services provided to students. These data will be collected for the ESU use only and will not be included in the statewide data.