2023 - 2024

ESU 03 (Private)
2023 - 2024
ESU 03

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
1101.00 - Continuous Improvement Process
Support districts in Continuous Improvement Processes, including AdvancED/NE Frameworks external review
1101.01 - Data Literacies, Displays, and Analysis
Support for analysis, organization, and display of continuous improvement data
1101.03 - Professional Learning Communities/SMART Goals
Support, training, and coaching of professional learning communities within a district
1102.00 - Multi-Tier Systems of Support
Structure, process, and implementation of MTSS, including behavior, SEL, and mental health/suicide prevention
1102.01 - Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) Facilitation
District support to complete requirements of TIP progress monitoring and reporting District support to complete requirements of TIP progress monitoring and reporting
1103.00 - School Climate & Culture
Training, support and consultation for sustaining, improving and re-establishing school environments that are conducive and supportive of learning.
1103.01 - Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
Training and certification in the Crisis Prevention Program, used to de-escalate difficult behavior and keep students and staff safe in a crisis.
1103.02 - Title IX Training and Online Module
Title IX training or Usage of the ESU 3 Online Module
1103.03 - Equity
Equity training, support and consultation for sustaining, improving and re-establishing school environments that are conducive and supportive of learning for all students.
1103.04 - Standard Response Protocol Training (SRP) Module
Standard Response Protocol Training (SRP) or Usage of ESU 3 Created Online Module
1104.00 - Leadership Support
Professional learning and consultation for administrators and teacher leaders in support of district initiatives, including, but not limited to, Adult Learners, Balanced Leadership, Change Process/Change Management, Teambuilding, and Nebraska Teacher/Principal Evaluation
1104.01 - Principal Development & Coaching
Principal Development & Coaching, Targted professional learning for school leaders.
1104.02 - Superintendents' Network
Superintendent networking meetings on ESU campus throughout the year. ESU Administrator discusses, shares, and plans services provided to the districts.
1104.04 - Professional Learning Leader Development
District Professional Learning contacts network meeting.
1104.05 - Coach/Teacher Leader Development
Facilitation of quarterly cadre professional learning and networking meetings.
1105.00 - Curriculum Development
Review, revision, and alignment of curriculum including new instructional material adoptions.
1106.00 - Instruction
Workshops, college courses, consultation or direct work with schools that focus on optimal learning environments. Examples: classroom culture, classroom management, effective instructional strategies, explicit instruction, specific content-area instruction, preschool, co-teaching.
1106.01 - Instructional Models
Workshops or direct work with school districts to research and select an instructional model and to implement an instructional model once selected.
1106.02 - ELA Content
Support for reading/language arts training in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Support for writing training in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
1106.03 - Mathematics Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Support for mathematics training in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
1106.04 - Science Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Support for science training in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
1106.05 - Social Studies Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Support for social studies training in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
1106.10 - STEM/STEAM Support
Best practices in STEM/STEAM, including classroom support, instructional materials, and planning.
1106.12 - Other Content Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Support for training in non-core areas in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
1107.00 - Assessment
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to develop formative and summative assessments and analyze and apply diagnostic, formative, interim and summative data.
1107.01 - nwea MAP Growth
Certified Facilitator Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to develop formative and summative assessments and analyze and apply diagnostic, formative, interim data from nwea MAP Growth.
1107.02 - Statewide Assessment
NSCAS Support, ACT Content & Test Prep
1108.00 - Digital Learning
Professional learning and direct support for districts and teachers in digital learning.
1108.01 - Learning Management Systems
Support and professional learning regarding district learning management system use by teachers, staff, and students. Support for multiple Learning Management Systems including Moodle, Canvas and Google Classroom. Support includes integrations as well as other technical support. The team does house Moodle servers and handles all upgrades as part of this.
1108.02 - BlendEd
Support and Training on BlendEd Learning Statewide Initiative
1108.05 - Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship Training for Students, Teachers, and Parents
1108.06 - Student Data Privacy
Support for educating teachers and staff on COPPA compliance.
1108.07 - Instructional Technology Integration
SAMR Model Training, Support for Online or Technology Tools to Transform Curriculum Implementation
1108.09 - Device Implementation and Deployment
Support and professional learning for district device selection, implementation, and deployment to teachers, students, and staff.
1109.00 - Instructional Coach
Consultation and Coaching with individual educators and teams in cycles of instructional improvement focused on increased teacher efficacy and agency. Instructional coaching.
1111.00 - Teacher/Principal Evaluation
Support and enhance teacher/principal evaluation methods and tools
1112.02 - Instructional Technology Users Group Meetings
District Instructional Technology users group meeting.
1112.03 - HAL
District High-Ability Learner contacts meeting. Support, professional learning, and educational programming for district High-ability learner teachers, students, and staff.
1112.04 - Media Cadre
District Media contacts support, professional learning community, and meeting.
1112.08 - Student Services Professional Learning
Professional learning events and activities in specialized areas. Examples may include PLCs and special education trainings/workshops.
1112.13 - EL Support
English Learners Instructional Support--providing guidance, materials, scheduling, placement, and assessment to schools. Not related to Title III grant consortium services
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
1201.00 - Products and Subscriptions
ProQuest, EdReady, Learn360, Discovery Ed, World Book, Other
1202.00 - Media, Science, and STEAM Equipment and Materials Checkout
Maintaining a library of media resources available for district use. Maintain a lending library for district loan. Supporting science instruction by ordering materials and refurbishing of science kits
Technology (84-002.05B)
1301.00 - Technology Support
General technology and technical support.
1301.01 - Internet and WAN Support
Support of internet and WAN (Wide Area Network) circuits.
1301.02 - Networking Support
Wired and wireless networking support.
1301.03 - Systems Administration & Server Support
Server systems administration, maintenance, and support.
1301.04 - Client Device Support
Desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets, Mobile Devices, Phones, etc.
1301.05 - Hardware Repair
Computer, Device, A/V, and other equipment repair.
1301.06 - Distance Learning & Videoconferencing Support
Codecs, Virtual Field Trips, Zoom, etc.
1301.07 - Contracted Technology Support
Dedicated FTE assigned directly to school district(s) under a contract for personnel arrangement.
1301.08 - Planning & Consultation
Strategic planning, general consultations, etc.
1302.00 - Infrastructure
Infrastructure services that support various technology initiatives, including internet access, servers, and other supporting software.
1302.01 - Internet Access
Commodity Internet, Internet2, Internet Exchange
1302.02 - DNS (Domain Name System)
BIND, CloudFlare, DNS Made Easy, etc.
1302.03 - Internet Content Filtering
Hardware or software based internet content filtering.
1302.04 - Directory Services & SSO (Single Sign-On)
Active Directory, LDAP, NebraskaCloud, etc.
1302.05 - Server Hosting
Physical or virtual server hosting.
1302.06 - Web & Application Hosting
Hosting of websites and other applications.
1302.07 - Backup Software & Storage
Offsite backup storage, backup systems/software, etc.
1302.08 - Performance Monitoring & Notification
Zabbix, NinjaRMM, PRTG, etc.
1302.09 - Device Management
MDM (Mobile Device Managment), RMM (Remote Management & Monitoring)
1303.00 - Development
Web and application development, including software integrations and database administration
1303.01 - Web Development
Webpage and other web development including integrations with other systems.
1303.02 - Application Development
Custom desktop, mobile, and web applications/software development.
1303.04 - Scripting & Batch Processing
Work to integrate systems and automations between systems.
1303.05 - Graphic Design
Graphic design and other creative services.
1304.00 - Information Security
Provide proactive planning, training and reporting focused on cybersecurity and resources after a cybersecurity event.
1304.01 - Cybersecurity
General cybersecurity consultations, incident response, etc.
1304.02 - Security Awareness Training
Proofpoint, KnowBe4, etc.
1304.03 - Vulnerability Scanning
DHS Cyber Hygiene, etc.
1305.00 - Data Systems
Provide support for data systems used in school districts including student information systems and finance systems.
1305.01 - SIS (Student Information System) Support
PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Synergy, etc.
1305.02 - ADVISER State Reporting
Support and training for ADVISER and state reporting.
1305.03 - Data Warehouse
Support and training for data warehouse system.
1305.04 - Report Writing
1306.00 - E-Rate
Universal Service E-Rate filing and consultation.
1306.01 - E-Rate Category 1
Telecommunications, telecommunications services, and Internet access.
1306.02 - E-Rate Category 2
Internal connections, basic maintenance of internal connections, and managed internal broadband services.
Student Services
1403.00 - Vision Services and Materials
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students ages Birth-21 who are blind or visually impaired, inclusive of Orientation and Mobility services. Braille and enlargement services to support students who are blind or visually impaired.
1404.00 - Early Childhood Services
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for children with disabilities ages Birth-5.
1405.00 - School Psychologist
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students ages Birth-21.
1406.00 - Brook Valley Level III School and OutREACH Program
Brook Valley Schools serve students with disabilities in grades K-12+ with significant cognitive or behavioral difficulties. Specialized programming and support are provided to move towards a transition back to neighborhood schools. Brook Valley OutREACH is a program designed to help students with and without disabilities as an alternative to suspension or expulsion.
1407.00 - Special Education Teacher
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students with disabilities ages Birth-21.
1409.00 - Occupational Therapy
Licensed staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students with disabilities aged Birth-21.
1410.00 - Physical Therapy
Licensed staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students with disabilities aged Birth-21.
1411.00 - Audiology
Audiological supports and services to students who are deaf or hard of hearing.
1413.00 - Behavior Consultant
Consultation with students, families, and/or school teams to identify the function of behavior and implement strategies to improve behavior.
1414.00 - Behavior & Mental Health Support
Provides assistance to local educators and students, both verified and non-verified, to improve classroom behavior and student/teacher interaction through observation, consultation, screening and in-service. LMHP, Behaviorist services related to better understanding mental health issues in the public schools.
1418.00 - Services Coordination
Coordination of services for families of infants and toddlers with disabilities, across agency lines. Serves as the single point of contact in helping to obtain the services and assistance needed.
Grant Services
1501.01 - Autism Spectrum Disorder Grant - Metro Region
Regional coordinator provides training and consultation to support students on the Autism Spectrum.
1501.02 - Perkins Grant Consortium
Provides grant facilitation, management, professional development, and networking for Career and Technical Education teachers through the Carl D Perkins Grant Consortium.
1501.06 - Title III- English Learners Consortium
Providing support for compliance of Rule 15, Title III: including prioritizing budget, professional learning, materials acquisition and use, and program development.
1501.08 - Brian Injury Regional Support Grant
Brain Injury Regional Student Support Team Grant activities
1501.09 - VR Student Transition Conference & Metro Region Transition Grant
Contract with Nebraska VR to plan, organize, and implement student conferences for students with disabilities, focused on pre-employment services. Regional advisory team meetings (districts and community agencies), parent workshops and transition coaches trainings to provide technical assistance and increase awareness in the area of secondary transition.
1501.11 - Planning Region Team
Committee of parents, advocates, representatives from school districts, ESUs, HeadStart, and other relevant agencies responsibile for assisting with the planning and implementation of Early Intervention and Early Childhood education services.
1501.13 - Early Learning Connection-Omaha Region
Integrated system of early childhood professional development.
1502.07 - Metro Regional Deaf/Hard of Hearing Contract
Regional program to provide support of the educational, social-emotional, cultural, and transition needs of children with hearing loss from Birth to graduation from high school. Program also provides interactive activities, organization, and career explorations and family support.
1502.08 - NeMTSS Regional Lead
NDE funded regional support for MTSS implementation and support.
1502.09 - NeMTSS Early Childhood Facilitator
NDE funded regional support for Early Childhood MTSS implementation and support.
1502.12 - Regional Early Childhood Coach Consultant
Consultation and support of early childhood coaches across a variety of initiatives
Other Services
1602.00 - Evaluation of Programs and Services
Empirical research to determine program and service effectiveness.
1603.00 - Data, Research, and Evaluation
Support for data analysis, displays, and custom research. Support for planning for and engaging in action research.
1604.00 - Financial System and Document Management
"Powerschool e-finance support. Laserfiche for retention"
Other (not a requirement of SIMPL)
1701.00 - Other Student Services (not a requirement of SIMPL)
Services provided to students. These data will be collected for the ESU use only and will not be included in the statewide data.