2020 - 2021

ESU 04 Student Services
Students statewide have the option of attending the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired for specialized services based upon the student’s educational needs as indicated by the individual education plan. Full or part-time educational placement for varying durations is available. Residential services may be provided in addition to the center-based educational program. Residential services may include independent living skill training, social skill training, community participation, and recreation and leisure activities

Aquestt Tenets
  • Positive Partnerships, Relationships, and Student Success
  • Transitions
  • Educational Opportunities and Access
  • College and Career Ready
  • Assessment

Schools Involved this Service  
* Shading indicates service has been used. Other entities have planned implementations.

Value of Service  
ESU Investment


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hours from events.)

This total represents the investment ESU 04 has made supporting this service.

School Savings

Market cost of 33 less 33 passed on to schools.

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