2020 - 2021

Nebraska ESUs are joining forces to collaboratively support state initiatives. Below is data indicating the efforts of schools and ESUS to ensure the best implementation for each initiative. All data is real time, so come back later and see how things have changed.
How ESU work aligns to the NDE AQuESTT initiative.
Below is detailed information related to ESU time devoted to AQuESTT Tenets and school personnel receiving that time.

Positive Partnerships, Relationships, and Success
Service Recipients 11,052
Service Hours 6,404
Event Attendance 2,313
Service Recipients 10,091
Service Hours 4,218
Event Attendance 1,979
Educational Opportunities and Access
Service Recipients 16,757
Service Hours 7,609
Event Attendance 2,437
Postsecondary, Career, and Civic Readiness
Service Recipients 11,706
Service Hours 5,102
Event Attendance 2,137
Student Achievement and Growth
Service Recipients 13,636
Service Hours 5,452
Event Attendance 2,686
Educator Effectiveness
Service Recipients 20,549
Service Hours 9,128
Event Attendance 3,255
Service Recipients 7,064
Service Hours 2,569
Event Attendance 1,731