2020 - 2021

Northwest Public Schools
ESU 10

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)

August 1-2 Eureka Math Training

Blended Learning
Direct support and professional learning for schools engaged in a blended learning initiative. Example activities: on-site classroom observations, technical assistance support, workshop facilitation, one-on-one consultation
Continuous School Improvement
Consultation, workshops or direct work with school districts to assist with the CIP process. Example activities: Steering Committee Meeting, mission/vision work, data retreat to create CIP goal, action plans, program evaluation, preparing for CIP external review
Example activities: curriculum alignment process, instructional materials selection process and consultation, workshop facilitation on incorporating standards into classroom practice
Distance Learning
Coordination of DL and Online learning
Training on instructional strategies; coaching specific to the implementation of instructional strategies
Instructional Supports
Instructional model training and implementation support (Marzano, Danielson, Homegrown). Example activities: Workshop facilitation, consultation, instructional rounds, classroom observation and coaching, professional goal setting
Professional learning and consultation for administrators and teacher leaders in support of district initiatives. Example activities: Superintendent, Principal, TIS, Instructional coach meetings; one-on-one consultation; coaching conversations; Strategic Leadership trainings and meetings
Training specific to math instruction; math strategies consultation; intervention training
Direct support of MTSS process and practice in school districts. Example activities: team meeting, data analysis, action plans, creating process/protocols, on-site coaching
NWEA Certified Facilitators providing on-site consultation, training, and data analysis for administrators, teachers and staff.
Training specific to other content area instruction; other/non-core consultation; intervention training (Art, PE, Music, World Language, etc.)
Para Training
Workshop facilitation and webinar trainings; on-site support; consultation
Perkins Grant
Provides grant facilitation, management, professional development, and networking for Career and Technical Education teachers through the Carl D Perkins Grant Consortium.
Training specific to reading instruction; reading strategies consultation; intervention training
Training specific to science instruction; science strategies consultation; intervention training
Title III - English Learners Consortium
providing support for compliance of Rule 15, Title III: including prioritizing budget, professional learning, materials acquisition and use, and program development
Title III- English Learners Instructional Support
English Learners Instructional Support--providing guidance, materials, scheduling, placement, and assessment to schools
Training specific to writing instruction; writing strategies consultation; intervention training
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Digital Resource
Services schools use or purchase from ESU 10; Example: OverDrive
Tangible Resources
Items schools checkout from the ODIE Library. Examples: Star Lab, STEM items and other kits.
Technology (002.05B Technology)
E-Rate Filing Consultation
E-Rate Filing Consultation
Internet Access Services
Internet Access, DNS, IP addresses, routing and coordinating related services with 3rd party and Network Nebraska
Network Consulting
Network Consulting
Network Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Off-Site Back-Up
Off-Site Back-Up
Server Management
SIS Support
SIS Support
Technical Support
Helpdesk supported systems, managed services, Tech Planning, Distance Learning
Technology Integration Support
Workshop facilitation and training; on-site support; consultation; modeling technology tools; coaching of technology tools
Student Services
Other Services
Student Activities
All student activities hosted by ESU 10; Examples: Quiz Bowl, Science Olympiad, Digital Citizenship Symposium, Invention Convention