2019 - 2020

West Holt Public Schools
ESU 08

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)

MAP testing three times a year in the elementary (may have changed to two times); twice in the high school

Acadience - three times a year.

No formal behavior management; leave it up to teachers to handle; usually have a couple kids that are behavior problems

Unsure of the follow through; great support from Heidi with the Science standards

Year 5 of school improvement, Frameworks; trying to help teachers take the lead, not being as administrator-lead; school improvement does not work when it it totally top-down driven; February 5 is the date for the visit

Tracey is struggling in the area of curriculum, more help; Heidi will reach out to her

Would like more direction in where to go with the curriculum. Something that sits on a shelf. Not sure how much it is utilized.

Mrs. Randall does a nice job of instructional coaching with the elementary. What does it look like at the high school level? How can this happen for it to be productive?

No formalized instructional model. Paul is planning on coming to the Marzano day. Liked watching the collaboration process and having a common language.

Do a solid job with MTSS process.

Always strive to set up days for technology. Certain teachers 'run' with it. Would be great to integrate technology into already existing content.

Technology manager asks for help when he needs it.

Student management systems utilize Schoology.

Top 3 areas of support:  Technology - lack the staff to teach this and time is a factor, lack of knowledge base; Curriculum help for Tracey with alignment and realignment of standards, content area support; Continuous School Improvement

TestWiz, Formative, Interim and Summative Assessment
Content Area Support
Any PD surrounding content area. Specific content will be added to the description of the service.
Continuous Improvement
Includes all parts of the CIP -- data dig, mission, vision, goals, action planning
Alignment, priority standards, resources to support curriculum
Instructional Coaching
ESU staff is actually doing the instructional coaching onsite
Instructional Models
Any PD surrounding instructional models, strategies, and planning.
Providing leadership and direction to other administrators, such as the Administrative Assembly and Principal Cadre
Support with implementation and sustainment
Professional Growth Seminars
ESU coordinates and/or presents professional growth seminars
Technology Integration
Working one-on-one or whole group, modeling and teaching best practices in technology integration and aligned with curriculum.
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Technology (002.05B Technology)
Providing Technical Assistance and training on the Adviser platform. Assistance, support and leadership for reporting and data dashboard
Distance Learning
Coordination of DL and Online learning
Learning Management System Support
Administration of LMS
Technical Help Desk Support
Help Ticket system
Student Services
Other Services
Student Activities
Quiz Bowl, Art Show, STEAM Camp, Science Olympiad