2020 - 2021

2020 - 2021

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Technology (84-002.05B)
Student Services
Other Services
Professional Development Project (ESUPDO Project)
The ESUPDO serves as a collaborative effort to provide statewide training and alignment of efforts for ESU employees and key NDE Staff statewide. Professional development is among the core services identified by state statute for ESUs. ESUPDO consists of five affiliate groups comprised of ESU employees across the seventeen ESU’s with representation from essential NDE Staff.
Statewide BlendEd Advisory Committee
The ESUCC shall appoint educators and other experts to a BlendEd Advisory Committee. The initial committee shall consist of up to 20 members representing distance education, instructional materials, learning management systems, and general knowledge about professional development relevant to the initiative. The Advisory Committee shall provide the ESUCC’s Executive Director and BlendEd/Distance Education Director with suggestions and input on technical and other matters related to distance education, digital learning, instructional materials, or learning management systems, within the State of Nebraska. The ESUCC Executive Director and BlendEd/Distance Education Director may also form ad hoc committees from time to time to address matters relevant to the BlendEd Initiative and Projects.
Statewide BlendEd Initiative and Projects
The ESUCC shall provide distance education services including brokering and facilitating the exchange of distance education courses, the administration of learning management systems, and the assessment of distance education needs and evaluation of distance education services as provided for in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 79-1248 and other state statutes and regulations. Additionally, the ESUCC is charged with the administration of statewide initiatives and provision of statewide services among other duties in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 79-1246. The ESUCC also has managed statewide services in “core services” as that term is defined in statute, including instructional materials services. The purpose of the BlendEd Initiative is to assure cost-efficient and equitable delivery of digital learning opportunities in partnership with educational service units, school districts, and other potential partners. The BlendEd Initiative will unify ESUCC projects and seeks to collaborate to provide students and school districts across the state with access to a mix of different learning environments to best support the combination of traditional face-to-face classroom methods with more technology-mediated activities.
Statewide Cooperative Purchasing Project Management
The Cooperative Purchasing Project aggregates demand for certain items commonly purchased by school districts to get lower prices and more favorable terms from selected suppliers.
Statewide Distance Education Brokering
The ESUCC will provide the NVIS course clearinghouse for use in finding and exchanging distance education courses between participating ESUs and school districts. If fees for distance education brokering become necessary, they will be approved by the ESUCC with at least one month's' prior notice to participating ESUs
Statewide ILCD (Imp. Learning for Children with Disabilities)
ILCD is a state self-assessment project that gathers information for federal reporting requirements. The ILCD Project utilizes parent, teacher and administration survey assessments. The survey results can be accessed via the ILCD Website. ESU staff provide technical assistance for the ILCD website and survey design.
Statewide Instructional Materials: Federated Identity and Access
This initiative will provide participating users with a single sign-on framework, allowing the identity of a user to be verified and that identity to be used to provide access to all of the digital services offered by ESUCC and NDE.
Statewide Instructional Materials: Learning Object Acquisitions
This project will identify learning objects that will enhance education for all learners in Nebraska schools. ESUCC staff will work in conjunction with relevant staff members from participating ESUs, to identify, acquire and integrate learning objects that will be hosted on the LOR for statewide use. This fund could also be used to offset expenses related to curating, obtaining and integrating these learning objects into the statewide LOR or the Nebraska OER hub. An OER Commons Hub is a customized branded landing page on OER Commons where organizations aggregate and manage their resources, collections, and user groups, and then provide opportunities to share information about their OER work. Hubs are organized into sections of like content such as groups, group folders, collections, or professional development tools. Features of the Hub include: Customized Pages, Content Curation, Groups, LTI Integration and Hub Activity Reports.
Statewide Instructional Materials: Learning Object Repository
Through this service, ESUCC will coordinate a digital library that will enable educators from within participating ESUs to share, manage and use educational resources with a common metadata standard. The ESUCC's learning object repository will also include access to previous media acquisitions (Nebraska Titles), subscription media, National Repository of Online Courses, and other content as it becomes available.
Statewide Instructional Materials: Media on Demand
Learn360 is the current provider for a statewide multimedia digital delivery service that also includes a free feature to manage and deliver custom created or licensed content.This agreement with Learn360 can be renewed annually or another provider will be selected based upon the recommendations of the TLT Affiliate.
Statewide Instructional Materials: Special Projects
Special projects will support and maintain the platform and/or the library of learning objects in a state-endorsed LOR, cover costs associated with the review and alignment of resources to the Nebraska State Standards and other indicators utilized by Nebraska schools, and fund additional learning objects or BlendEd projects and trainings. Working in conjunction with ESU staff (PDO Staff), this project will identify those needs to further enhance education for all learners. It is recommended that all ESUs participating in the Learning Object Repository elect to participate in Special Projects.
Statewide Legislative and Governmental Relations Project
The Legislative and Governmental Relations Project will assist member ESUs in strategically planning legislative initiatives that support the mission of the ESUCC and its member service units, tracking legislation that affects service units and state-wide educational efforts in the state, and influencing state lawmakers to support the vital work of the ESUCC, service units and public schools in the state of Nebraska.
Statewide Project Para
Project PARA is a web-based method for school districts to provide introductory training for their paraeducators. The Project assists schools in meeting the paraeducator training requirements. Project PARA is a collaborative effort between the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Education and Nebraska educational service units.
Statewide Student Records System (SRS)
SRS is an online special education record system designed to create all special education documents, required by Rule 51 and Rule 52, including IEP, MDT, IFSP and all required notices. The SRS is a highly secured system that organizes and stores documents and provides easy access to files via the internet. SRS training is provided across the state for district staff and college and university staff.