2020 - 2021

ESU 19
2020 - 2021
ESU 19

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
Trainings were provided for various Adobe software programs, included Acrobat Pro, Reader and more
Apple Classroom
Apple Classroom provides teachers the opportunity monitor and guide students on the iPad.
Blackboard Websites
Blackboard website platform will be used replace DNN district and school websites
Blended Learning
Support and professional learning for schools implementing blended learning.
Cisco Phones
Provide staff development on using the new Cisco phones.
Handouts and videos are available
Classkick shows teachers in real-time exactly what students are doing, provide instant feedback and check for understanding a variety of ways.
Resources for logging into Clever and setup of apps
Clips App
The Clips app provides students a creative way to share knowledge.
This includes code.org, Hour of Code and other coding software.
Digital Citizenship
Resources are available for Common Sense Education lessons
Training on updating and creating school/district websites.
Implementation and integration of FlipGrid with Microsoft
Hardware Support
Resources for ActivBoard software. Document Camera Configuration and Support. Interactive Board Troubleshooting. LCD Projector Support
Interactive Boards
Training on Promethean and SmartBoards setup and basic functionality.
Setup, integration and app availability
ITL Program
Instructional Technology Leadership program coordination and implementation
Canvas Support
Microsoft Bookings
This app allows schools to setup parent teachers conferences and a Teams meeting automatically scheduled for the parent and teacher using this system.
Microsoft Sway
Training on presentation software and website design
Microsoft Translator
Handout and resources for Translator
Microsoft Whiteboard
Resources for interactive whiteboard app
Nearpod is an app that teachers can use to engage students in their content.
Office 365 - Calendar
Trainings on creating events, inviting other and using schedule assistant
Office 365 - Excel
This includes topics like formulas, sort and filter, pivot tables and charts.
Office 365 - Forms
Resources for creating surveys and quizzes
Office 365 - OneDrive
Resources of file storage on OneDrive
Office 365 - OneNote
Resources for OneNote
Office 365 - Outlook
This includes sending, receiving emails, creating folders and signatures.
Office 365 - PowerPoint
This includes using designer, morph, sharing, animation and transitions.
Office 365 - Teams
Resources for implementing Teams for administrators and teachers
Office 365 - Word
Training on the components of Word, immersive Reader, Toolbars, Themes, and Sharing.
OPS Anywhere
Training on the OPS portal for employee specific topics.
OTL Training and Support
This includes creating and implementing pathway trainings and technical support.
Skype for Education
Training on how to connect virtually using Skype
Trainings on how OPS employees can access HR resources
Training Consultation
Trainers provide guidance on professional learning opportunities by consulting with school leadership.
Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks
Provide assistance with various technology troubleshooting topics.
Video Production
Create videos using various platforms
Web Clocks
Web Clocks
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
A/V Equipment Checkout
Audio-visual equipment is available for check-out to staff
Art Exhibit Materials and Artifacts
A rich collection of art pieces are available for check-out to be used with students
Banner Creation
A banner maker is available to create original instructional materials
Binding Equipment
Binding equipment is available to allow users the opportunity to bind self-created materials
Classroom Science Equipment
Classroom science equipment is available for check-out
Die Cut Presses
Hundreds of die cut presses are available to create instructional classroom materials
Early Childhood Instructional Materials Collection
Materials are available for check-out that can be used with early childhood students
Heat-Sealed Mailers
Equipment is available to allow users the opportunity to create mailers that can be used with the postal service
Instructional Classroom Trunks
Collections of classroom materials have been created that align with curriculum and packaged in traveling trunks
Instructional Handouts
Curriculum instructional handouts are available
Instructional Materials Consultation Services
Staff are available to take ideas and turn them into a final product
Instructional Materials Loan/Check-out
There are a variety of classroom instructional materials that can be checked out through the ESU 19 Media Technology Center
Instructional Posters / Lamination
Instructional posters are available for classroom use. Lamination Services
Original Instructional Materials Production Equipment
Paper cutters, long-arm staplers; industrial-sized three-hole punch and single-hole punches are available to create mass-produced items
Puppets are available for classroom/student use that align with popular storybook characters
Social Studies Classroom Instructional Materials
Social Studies classroom instructional aides are available for check-out
World Cultures Artifacts
Instructional materials have been collected that support the study of world cultures
Technology (84-002.05B)
Application Support
Staff have created a process for an application approval process - The Financial Information and Human Resource Systems team provides application support and troubleshooting asssistance. FIS/HR Upgrade Support. Instructional Application Support. iPads. PeopleSoft Requisition Training. PeopleSoft Training. Tablet Configuration and Support.
Data Analysis and Troubleshooting
The Student Data Information Systems (SDIS) team provides support with data analysis and troubleshooting
Data Extractions, Imports and Updates
The SDIS team is available to support data extractions, imports and updates
Development of Analytical Data Models
The Data Analytics team develops and deploys data models to help interpret information
Development of Processes and Reports
The SDIS team is available to assist with the creation of custom reports. Development of Infinite Campus Custom Reports
Email Services
Staff are available to create and troubleshoot email services and accounts
Equipment Refresh Cycle
Staff are available to help with purchasing decisions, configuration and deployment of devices
Help Desk / Network Support
Help Desk staff are available M-F to support technology-related phone calls, help with walk-ins and remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues. Supporting (Microsoft SharePoint,Microsoft Surfaces, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Translator, Microsoft Whiteboard, Minecraft in Education, Mobile Device Management, Office 365 - Calendar, Office 365 - Excel, Office 365 - Forms, Office 365 - OneDrive, Office 365 - OneNote, Office 365 - Outlook, Office 365 - PowerPoint, Office 365 - Teams, Office 365 - Word, Office 365 Support, ACT Technology-Related Support, DRC Support, ACT Technology-Related Support, State Testing Support and DRC Support.
Infinite Campus Training and Support
Help Desk staff are available to train staff on how to navigate in Infinite Campus as well as support their questions
Mobile Device Management
Help Desk staff is available to help support Intune on mobile devices
Office 365 Support
Tenet Admin support is available through the Help Desk
Online Form Creation and Support
Staff are available to help with the creation of custom online forms
Phone Support
Help Desk staff are available to help troubleshoot cellphone configuration and resolve issues. Cisco Phones,
Repair and Maintenance
Staff are available to provide repairs to Apple devices under warraanty. Apple Warranty Work. Printer Repair and Maintenance
Staff are available to install and support security equipment and applications
Single Sign-on / Clever
Staff have created efficiencies with implementing single sign-on capabilities. Resources for logging into Clever and setup of apps. Staff On-Boarding and Off-Boarding
Supplemental Custom Application Support
The Web team is available to help support custom applications
Surplus Equipment and Inventory Specialists
Help Desk team members and building technicians help transition/redistribute equipment and keep an on-going inventory
Transforming Data into Information
The Data Analysis team builds analytical cubes to transform data into information
User Manuals and Documentation Creation
The Student Data Information Systems (SDIS) team provides support in the creation of manuals and documentation
Web Filtering
Help Desk staff support filtering requests f
Website Development and Support
Staff are available to help develop and support websites
Student Services
Other Services
Coop Purchasing
Nebraska ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing provides compliant, competitive, aggregated bidding and purchasing to control and reduce costs to its members by maximizing efficiency of resources and processes in Nebraska and Nationally. Cooperative Purchasing is authorized to coordinate purchases for public school districts, nonpublic school systems, other ESUs, and other public agencies, including any county, city, village, school district, or agency of the state government, any drainage district, sanitary and improvement district, or other municipal corporation or political subdivision of the State of Nebraska.