2023 - 2024

ESU 17
2023 - 2024
ESU 17

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
1101.00 - Continuous Improvement
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to assist with the continuous improvement process ‘CIP’. Examples: steering committee meeting, mission/ vision work, data support, data dashboard, comprehensive needs assessment, CIP goal selection, action plans, program evaluation, preparing for the CIP external visit; support for Comprehensive Support and Improvement ‘CSI’, and Targeted Support and Improvement ‘TSI’ and Additional Targeted Support and Improvement ‘ATSI’ student designations.
1102.00 - MTSS
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to establish Multi-tiered System of Support processes and practices, including Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports ‘PBIS’ and Social Emotional and Behavioral Learning ‘SEBL’. Examples: regional meetings, team meeting, data analysis, action plans, creating process/protocols, on-site coaching, Targeted Improvement Plan ‘TIP’, Results Driven Accountability ‘RDA’, Performance Enhancement and Knowledge ‘PEaK’ Project, NeMTSS.
1103.00 - School Culture & Climate
Training, support and consultation for sustaining, improving and re-establishing school environments that are conducive and supportive of learning. Examples: school safety teams and plans, crisis teams, psychological first aid, standard protocol response training, suicide prevention, staff and student wellness, self care, trauma informed care, school law webinars, Title IX training, de-escalation training (Mandt, Crisis Prevention Institute ‘CPI’), equity.
1104.00 - Leadership
Workshops, consultation or direct work with boards of education, administrators and teacher leaders in support of district initiatives. Examples: superintendent meetings, principal meetings, one-on-one consultation, coaching conversations, strategic leadership training and meetings, policy development.
1105.00 - Curriculum
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to assist in the curriculum development process, including selection and implementation of instructional materials. Examples: curriculum alignment, articulation of instructional units and scope and sequence, incorporating standards into classroom practice, high quality instructional materials selection and consultation, curriculum guides.
1106.00 - Instruction
Workshops, college courses, consultation or direct work with school districts that focus on optimal learning environments. Examples: classroom culture, classroom management, effective instructional strategies, explicit instruction, specific content-area instruction, preschool, co-teaching.
1107.00 - Assessment
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to develop formative and summative assessments and analyze and apply diagnostic, formative, interim and summative data. Examples: creation of classroom and district assessments, analysis of assessment data results, using assessment data to inform instruction, training and consultation related to classroom, state and national data, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills ‘DIBELS’, Acadience, Measures of Academic Progress ‘MAP’ Growth, Nebraska Student Centered Assessment System ‘NSCAS’ Growth, Nebraska Reading Improvement Act approved assessments.
1108.00 - Digital Learning
1109.00 - Coaching
Consultation with individual educators, e.g., teachers, principals. Examples: classroom observations, reflective conversations, goal-setting, peer coaching, instructional rounds.
1110.00 - New Teacher Academy
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts that focus on research-based, best practices designed across a variety of services to support beginning teachers and their mentors. Examples: lesson design, classroom management, student engagement, high yield strategies, technology integration, special education, parent-teacher conferences.
1111.00 - Teacher/Principal Evaluation
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to develop a districtwide teacher or principal evaluation. Examples: Instructional framework adoption, Nebraska Teacher/Principal Standards, rubric on Nebraska Comprehensive Needs Assessment Educator Effectiveness Tenet, training in evaluation best practices, administrator observation and data collection and analysis to improve instruction, development and implementation of an evaluation instrument and process.
1112.00 - Specialist Training, Support & Networking
Workshops, consultation or direct work with individuals who serve in specialized roles/capacities. Examples: school counselors, curriculum directors, technology integrationists, High Ability Learners ‘HAL’ coordinators, local area network ‘LAN’ managers, media coordinators, special education specialists, registered nurses, paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, custodians, lunch program staff, transportation providers and others.
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
1201.00 - Digital Resources
Resources, materials and services available to support, supplement and enhance teaching and learning.
1202.00 - Equipment & Materials Checkout
Technology (84-002.05B)
1301.00 - Technology Support
General technology and technical support.
1302.00 - Infrastructure
Infrastructure services that support various technology initiatives, including internet access, servers, and other supporting software.
1304.00 - Information Security
Provide proactive planning, training and reporting focused on cybersecurity and resources after a cybersecurity event.
1305.00 - Data Systems
Provide support for data systems used in school districts including student information systems and finance systems.
1306.00 - E-Rate
Universal Service E-Rate filing and consultation.
Student Services
1401.00 - Supervision
Supervision and evaluation of special education staff employed by the ESU. Support to districts in regards to special education matters and completion of final financial reporting.
1402.00 - Speech/Language Therapy
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students ages Birth-21 with speech/language disabilities.
1404.00 - Early Childhood Special Education
Supports teachers, other district staff, and families to assist, provide guidance, training, resources, and strategies for working with students by utilizing programming and materials to improve learning through meeting each individual student's needs (ages 0-5),Including Teaching Strategies GOLD.
1405.00 - Psychological Testing
Provide direct and indirect support through general education and special education processes. Provide individual, team, and systems-level supports and services to various problem-solving teams. Academic, social emotional, and behavioral assessment, consultation, collaboration with classroom teachers, special education staff, specialists, parents, administration, and school personnel to develop an effective plan to meet the needs of each individual student.
1409.00 - Occupational Therapy
Licensed staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students with disabilities aged Birth-21.
1410.00 - Physical Therapy
Licensed staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for students with disabilities aged Birth-21.
1413.00 - Nursing
Provide health services to district schools. Annual screenings of district students for vision, hearing, dental health, blood pressure, height , and weight, nursing services, health appraisals.
1414.00 - Behavior & Mental Health Support
Provides assistance to local educators and students, both verified and non-verified, to improve classroom behavior and student/teacher interaction through observation, consultation, screening and in-service. LMHP, Behaviorist services related to better understanding mental health issues in the public schools.
Grant Services
1501.00 - Grant Consortium
Administration, coordination and facilitation of federal grant consortiums.
Other Services
Other (not a requirement of SIMPL)
1701.00 - Other Student Services (not a requirement of SIMPL)
Services provided to students. These data will be collected for the ESU use only and will not be included in the statewide data.