2023 - 2024

ESU 16
2023 - 2024
ESU 16

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
1101.00 - School Improvement Process (SIP/CIP)
Analyzing results, selecting goals, implementation of strategies, verifying results, implementation of CIP cycle, leadership support, SIMPL data dig w/districts
1102.00 - Multi- Tiered Systems of Support
Direct support of MTSS process and practice in school districts. Example activities: PBIS, SEBL support, team meeting, data analysis, action plans, creating process/protocols, on-site coaching.
1102.01 - TIP - Targeted Improvement Plan
ESU 16 staff work with district ILCD teams to assist them with writing their TIP and facilitating data discussions and implementation.
1103.00 - School Operations Support
Specialty Trainings: asbestos, dispensing medications, safety standards, asthma protocol, suicide prevention, health screenings
1103.05 - Self Care
Ongoing resources and strategies to support educator wellness
1104.00 - Leadership Capacity
Principal Cadre, Principal Coaching, Support around priorities, Planning and Reflecting on Professional Learning
1104.01 - Principal Development
1104.02 - Advisory Council
Superintendents of member school districts meets 3-7 per year to make recommendations for necessary programs/services and to provide opportunity for superintendents to network and possibly take action on educational issues of common concern
1104.03 - BOE Governance Support
Facilitate training opportunities for member district boards of education including the ESUs 15 & 16 Board Member Workshop, customized BOE workshops for member districts, mission, vision and goal setting, essential finance planning
1105.00 - Curriculum Development & Standards Alignment
Standards Alignment, Pacing, Scope and Sequence, Curriculum Document Development
1105.02 - High Quality Instructional Materials Selection
1106.00 - Content Trainings
CTE, World Language, Title I, Health, etc.
1106.01 - Instructional Frameworks
Professional Development around Instructional Models: (Danielson, Marzano, District Developed Model) strategies & implementation support
1106.03 - Math Content Training
1106.04 - Science Content Training
1106.05 - Social Studies Content Training
1107.00 - Assessment Literacy & Development
Trainings, consultation or direct work with school districts to develop formative and summative assessments, analyze & apply diagnostic, formative, interim and summative data in eduCLIMBER and other platforms with administrators and teachers.
1107.01 - NWEA Assessment
NWEA trainings or support by providing on-site consultation, training, and data analysis for administrators and teachers.
1108.00 - Instructional Technology Integration
Provides professional development of staff/ or individuals with the integration of technology into the classroom
1109.00 - Classroom Coaching
Instructional, Cognitive
1109.02 - Regional Professional Learning Community
Support with HQIM materials and curriculum, content/grade level, and breakout options for identified priorities
1110.00 - New/Non- Tenured Teacher Workshop Series
Personalized support for new teachers-implementation of research-based, best practices in instruction, curriculum development, and coaching
1110.01 - New Teacher Coaching/Mentor
Providing one-on-one support for teachers new to the profession
1112.05 - LAN Manager Training
Training and meetings held 3-4 times a year. Focus on empowering districts to support their networks and teachers with internet and technology topics.
1112.14 - End User Support: eduCLIMBER
Troubleshooting and fixes regarding the eduCLIMBER data platform.
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
1201.00 - Product/Subscription Support
Training and support offered to districts for those services offered to schools statewide. Support includes accounts and integration. Nebraska titles currently available for streaming through Learn360.
1202.00 - Equipment loan
ESU 16 loans leading edge technologies to member schools. These loans are checked out and transported by ESU 16.
Technology (84-002.05B)
1301.00 - Technology Support
General technology and technical support.
1301.01 - Internet and WAN Support
Support of internet and WAN (Wide Area Network) circuits.
1301.06 - Distance Learning & Videoconferencing Support
Codecs, Virtual Field Trips, Zoom, etc.
1301.08 - Planning & Consultation
Strategic planning, general consultations, etc.
1302.00 - Infrastructure
Infrastructure services that support various technology initiatives, including internet access, servers, and other supporting software.
1302.01 - Internet Access
Commodity Internet, Internet2, Internet Exchange
1302.02 - DNS (Domain Name System)
BIND, CloudFlare, DNS Made Easy, etc.
1302.03 - Internet Content Filtering
Hardware or software based internet content filtering.
1302.04 - Directory Services & SSO (Single Sign-On)
Active Directory, LDAP, NebraskaCloud, etc.
1302.08 - Performance Monitoring & Notification
Zabbix, NinjaRMM, PRTG, etc.
1304.00 - Information Security
Provide proactive planning, training and reporting focused on cybersecurity and resources after a cybersecurity event.
1304.01 - Cybersecurity
General cybersecurity consultations, incident response, etc.
1304.02 - Security Awareness Training
Proofpoint, KnowBe4, etc.
1304.03 - Vulnerability Scanning
DHS Cyber Hygiene, etc.
1305.00 - Data Systems
Provide support for data systems used in school districts including student information systems and finance systems.
1305.01 - SIS (Student Information System) Support
PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Synergy, etc.
1305.02 - ADVISER State Reporting
Support and training for ADVISER and state reporting.
1306.00 - E-Rate
Universal Service E-Rate filing and consultation.
1306.01 - E-Rate Category 1
Telecommunications, telecommunications services, and Internet access.
1306.02 - E-Rate Category 2
Internal connections, basic maintenance of internal connections, and managed internal broadband services.
1306.13 - E-Rate ECF (Emergency Connectivity Fund)
Student Services
1401.00 - Program Supervision
Support to district superintendents for completing all Special education financials including IDEA and all other special education reports. Supervision of ESU 16 staff and programs, attend IEP/MDT meetings as requested, Early Childhood program supervision and PRT member, provide training for teachers, administrators, bookkeepers, and serve as the SRS District manager.
1401.06 - EDN: Services Coordination
Oversee EDN services and practices of services coordinators including caseload management, compliance review, and professional growth.
1402.00 - Speech Language Pathology
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic, consultative services for students with verified speech/ language disabilities. Maintains and completes necessary paperwork following recommended guidelines.
1404.00 - Early Childhood Special Education
Services to children and families ages B-5 years of age. Services are provided in homes, daycare, private preschools and Rule 11 preschools
1405.00 - School Psychology
Find the best solution for each student/situation and use different strategies to address student’s needs academically, socially, emotionally and educationally. Collaborate with educators, parents and professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students that strengthen connections between home and school. Provide in-service training. School Psychologists deliver crisis prevention institute training.
1406.02 - Special Education Level III Life Skills
Opportunity with Life Skills Program housed on the Mid-Plains Community College Campus.
1407.00 - Teacher Consultant
Assist Director of Special Education with implementation of Rule 51 in ESU 16 area schools. Support teachers with IEP writing, progress monitoring and specialized instruction.Assist with professional development to district teachers and para educators.
1408.00 - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consultant
Responsible for coordinating age appropriate and developmentally appropriate education programs for students who are included in the public school. Provide intervention and support for students verified with a hearing impairment.
1409.00 - Occupational Therapy
Contracted Services for Occupational Therapy Birth-21
1410.00 - Physical Therapy
Contracted Services for Physical Therapy Birth-21
1412.00 - Audiology
Responsible for providing services to students who have failed initial screening in schools and to students verified with a disability to assist individuals in being able to participate in an appropriate educational program.
1414.00 - Mental Health Counseling
To find the best solution for each student and situation and use different counseling strategies to address student’s needs socially and emotionally. To collaborate with educators, parents and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students that strengthen connections between home and school. Counsel with emphasis on prevention. Work with individuals and their families to promote optimum mental health of the student.
Grant Services
1501.02 - Perkins
Other Services
1601.00 - Large Format Poster Printing
Large Format Poster Printing
Other (not a requirement of SIMPL)