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ESU 13
2023 - 2024
ESU 13

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
1101.00 - Continuous Improvement
Supporting individual schools or districts in specific Continuous Schools Improvement topics.
1101.01 - Continuous Improvement: Data Analysis
1101.06 - Continuous Improvement: CSI/TSI
Supporting schools in areas of accountability to include, but not limited to, AQuESTT, EBA, CSI, and TSI.
1102.00 - MTSS
developing tiered system of systematic supports:: data analysis, intervention design and implementation, monitoring
1102.01 - MTSS: Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP)
Support Schools in the Targeted Improvement Planning Process
1102.03 - MTSS: SEBL
1102.04 - MTSS: Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities/PeAK
PEaK, formerly known as ILCD stands for Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities, a Nebraska Department of Education Initiative designed to enhance program improvement that will result in better outcomes for children with disabilities. The ESU 13 PEaK Coordinator assists school districts with their improvement activities for students with disabilities. The Facilitator partners with districts to gather and analyze data in collaboration with the Continuous School Improvement Process and to assist in the development of Targeted Improvement Plans. Each Nebraska school district will develop a Targeted Improvement Plan that will lead to better child and student performance and report annually to NDE on the Plan's progress.
1103.00 - School Climate & Culture
Training, support and consultation for sustaining, improving and re-establishing school environments that are conducive and supportive of learning. Includes youth Mental Health First Aid Training
1103.01 - School Climate: Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI)
Two certified CPI trainers on staff
1103.05 - School Climate:Self Care
Ongoing resources and strategies to support educator wellness including Adult Resiliency Curriclum Training.
1104.00 - Leadership
Support for educational leadership and capacity building
1104.01 - Leadership: Principal Development
1104.02 - Leadership: Superintendent Development
1104.06 - Annual Policy Updates
Annual Policy Updates - information provided to Administrators regarding policy
1104.08 - Leadership: Assessment Leadership
Supporting school leaders with assessments and using assessments to guide school programs and processes
1105.00 - Curriculum
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to assist in the curriculum development process, including selection and implementation of instructional materials. Examples: curriculum alignment, articulation of instructional units and scope and sequence, incorporating standards into classroom practice, high quality instructional materials selection and consultation, curriculum guides.
1105.01 - Curriculum: Standards Adoption
Sharing timelines, developing and guiding alignment processes.
1105.02 - Curriculum: High Quality Instructional Materials Selection
Support processes to identify, align and adopt quality materials.
1105.05 - Curriculum: High Quality Instructional Materials Implementation
1106.00 - Instruction
Support to implement effective, quality, research based strategies
1106.01 - Instruction: Instructional Framework/Model
Training to support a common language of instruction
1106.02 - Instruction: Content Training ELA
Supporting academic content for educators in English Language Arts.
1106.03 - Instruction: Content Training Math
Supporting academic content for educators in Mathematics.
1106.04 - Instruction: Content Training Science
Supporting academic content for educators in Science.
1106.05 - Instruction: Content Training Social Studies
Supporting academic content for educators in Social Studies.
1106.07 - Instruction: Career and Technical Education
1106.11 - Instruction: Instructional Strategies
Kagan, Differentiation, Vocabulary, Direct Instruction, TLAC
1106.13 - Instruction: Title 1C Admin/Staff Coordination and Support
Title 1C supporting and collaborating with school staff around supplemental services for Title 1C students.
1106.14 - Instruction: Other
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy PK-12.
1107.00 - Assessment
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to develop formative and summative assessments and analyze and apply diagnostic, formative, interim and summative data. Examples: creation of classroom and district assessments, analysis of assessment data results, using assessment data to inform instruction, training and consultation related to classroom, state and national data, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills ‘DIBELS’, Acadience, Measures of Academic Progress ‘MAP’ Growth, Nebraska Student Centered Assessment System ‘NSCAS’ Growth. Nebraska Reading Improvement Act approved assessments
1107.01 - Assessment: NWEA
Supporting school leaders with assessments and using assessments to guide school programs and processes
1107.02 - Assessment: NSCAS
Supporting schools with NSCAS assessments(State Summative and ACT). Services include planning, assessing, and using data collected.
1108.00 - Digital Learning
Professional learning and direct support for distrits and teachers in digital learning. Examples: remote learning, hybrid learning, blended learning, and the tools and resources used to facilitate digital learning, on-site classroom observations, technical assistance support, workshop facilitation, one-on-one consultation
1108.05 - Digital Learning: Digital Citizenship
Provide digital citizenship training for students, teachers, and parents.
1108.07 - Instructional Technology Integration
Instructional technology Integration model Training, Support for Online or Technology Tools to Transform Curriculum Implementation
1109.01 - Coaching: Teacher Coaching (Individual)
Instructional support based on district, building or teacher developed growth areas.
1109.03 - Coaching: Principal Coaching (Individual)
Principal coaching is born out of the NE Principal Standards to support professional learning that is: ongoing, job-embedded, collaborative, personalized, purposeful, measurable, and aligned to goals. ESU 13 professional learning staff are equipped to calibrate, consult, and coach your goals to improve professional practice.
1109.06 - Coaching: New Teacher Cadre (NTA)
Providing supports for teachers in their first years of teaching. Services include workshops and cadre meetings covering a variety of topics
1110.01 - Coaching: New Teacher Coaching/Mentor (Individual)
Providing one-on-one support for teachers new to the profession
1111.00 - Teacher/Principal Evaluation
Providing professional learning opportunities in instructional model selection, implementation, and evaluation process.
1112.00 - Specialist Training, Support & Networking
Workshops, consultation or direct work with individuals who serve in specialized roles/capacities. Examples: school counselors, curriculum directors, technology integrationists, High Ability Learners ‘HAL’ coordinators, local area network ‘LAN’ managers, media coordinators, special education specialists, registered nurses, paraprofessionals, administrative assistants, custodians, lunch program staff, transportation providers and others.
1112.01 - Specialist Training: Paraprofessional Training
Providing supports for paraprofessionals. Services includes workshops and cadre meetings covering a variety of topics.
1112.02 - Specialist Training: Instructional Tech Integration Support
Provides professional development of staff and/or individuals with the integration of technology into the classroom.
1112.03 - Specialist Training: High Ability Learner Support
Support educators and administrators with HAL regulations, initiatives, trainings and instructional support
1112.04 - Specialist Training: School Librarian/Media Training Support
Provides district Librarian/Media specials with contacts, support, a professional learning community, and quarterly meetings.
1112.05 - Specialist Training: LAN Manager Training & Support
Provides district LAN managers with contacts, support, a professional learning community, and quarterly meetings.
1112.08 - Specialist Training: SPED Inservice and SPED PD
Professional learning events and activities in the area Special Education. Examples may include PLCs and special education trainings/workshops.
1112.09 - Before Age 5 Training
Rooted in Relationships - Coaching and training child care providers on the use of Socal Emotional Pyramid in their programs. Creative curriculum
1112.10 - End User Support: GOLD
Support and coaching for early childhood educators in the use of GOLD as an assessment tool and use in processes for group and individualized instruction
1112.12 - Specialist Training:Head Start Partnership Support
Head Start Partnership Liaisons support district partnership teaching staff by providing training and support in meeting the Head Start Performance Standards.
1112.13 - Specialist: EL Professional Learning
English Learners Instructional Support--providing guidance, materials, scheduling, placement, and assessment to schools. Assist schools to meet requirements in planning, implementation, review, and teacher training for Rule 15.
1112.16 - Specialist Training: School Mental Health Providers
Counseling Cadre that includes School Counselors and Mental Health Providers Support
1112.17 - Specialist: Prof Growth Seminars - CSC Interns
Professional Learning provided to CSC Student Interns
1112.18 - Specialist Training: Health Services PD
Coordinate trainings for the School Nurses Cadre based on topics identified by the group.
1112.19 - Specialist Training: Early Learning Connection (ELC) PD
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
1201.00 - Digital Resources
Creation of and support for digital learning content.
1202.00 - Equipment & Materials Checkout
Maintain a lending library for district loan. Examples: Makerspace equipment, video studio, STEM/STEAM lab, media resources, learning kits, Professional Learning books/materials
Technology (84-002.05B)
1301.00 - Technology Support
General technology and technical support.
1301.06 - Tech Support: Distance Learning & Course Exchange Coordination
Coordinate and support schools for both receiving and delivering distance learning courses. Scheduling distance learning courses in the ESU 13 consortium, but also statewide courses available to 21 schools. Support of NVIS.
1302.04 - Infrastructure: Single Sign on (SSO) and Nebraska Portal Support
Provides training and support for the Nebraska Portal and SSO.
1304.00 - Information Security
Provide proactive planning, training and reporting focused on cybersecurity and resources after a cybersecurity event.
1305.02 - Data Systems: ADVISER State Reporting
Support and training for ADVISER and state reporting.
1306.00 - E-Rate
Universal Service E-Rate filing and consultation.
Student Services
Supervision/Coordination/Consultation of district-owned programs.
1401.01 - Early Intervention: Support
Early Childhood Special Education services includes managing referrals and conducting evaluations of children birth to 5 years old.
1401.03 - Program Supervision: Title 1C Stud/Guardian Support & Advocacy
Title IC Parent Training and Title IC Administration Student Needs Meeting
1401.05 - Direct Family Service: Services Coordination
Help families get connected with services for their child and family (i.e. SPED, community programs, food bank, advocacy)
1401.06 - EDN Supervision: Services Coordination
Oversee EDN services and practices of services coordinators including caseload management, compliance review, and professional growth.
1401.10 - Program Supervision: SPED Financial Collaboration & Support
Assist schools in the completion of SPDFFRS and Finance Collaboration and Networking
1401.12 - Program Supervision: Title 1C Instructional Services
Supporting Students with the following...High School Credit Accrual, English Language Arts, English Language Proficiency, Extended Day Programs, HighSchoolEquivalency, Math, Instructional Life Skills, Prevention Education and Health, Pre-GED, Preschool, Science, Social Studies, Youth Leadership. Summer School Extended Hours/Teachers/Para Educators After School/Before School Tutoring for Students Books/Educational Materials for Students/School-readiness Materials Support Services (Medical/Dental/Interpretation/Transportation/Referrals) Title 1C Service Provider in Districts with High Numbers of Title 1C Students Youth Leadership Activities/College Campus Visits/Summer Camps Mentoring for High School/Out-of-School Youth High School Credit Recovery Courses for Students Parent Education
1402.00 - Student Services: Speech Language Pathology
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic, consultative services for students with verified speech/ language disabilities. Maintains and completes necessary paperwork following recommended guidelines.
1403.00 - Student Services: Visual Impairment
The teacher of the visually impaired provides resources, services, and support in preparing children/youth, ages birth to 21, who have a visual impairment for success in life through collaboration with schools, families, and community agencies. The TVI provides evaluation, consultation, and instruction for these children. This assistance may include the use of adaptive equipment, assistive technology, instruction in Braille, and other skills to help the students access the general curriculum, and acquire Adapted Core Curriculum skills specific to individuals with vision impairments.
1404.00 - Student Services: Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education services includes managing referrals and conducting evaluations of children birth to 5 years old. If children are in need of special education services; it also includes evidence based service delivery of comprehensive services in homes, childcare and preschool settings that adhere to IDEA Part C and Part B (619) rules and regulations. The teams also works to smoothly transition verified children to their elementary schools as they move on to kindergarten. Schools can utilize coordinators to help manage their Teaching Strategies GOLD requirements.
1405.00 - School Psychology
Provide direct and indirect support through general education and special education processes. Provide individual, team, and systems-level supports and services to various problem-solving teams. Academic, social emotional, and behavioral assessment, consultation, collaboration with classroom teachers, special education staff, specialists, parents, administration, and school personnel to develop an effective plan to meet the needs of each individual student.
1405.01 - Student Services: Psychological Evaluation
Psychological Evaluations- for special education or other educational placement
1406.00 - Student Services: Level III Programs (Lifelink, Meridian)
Enrollment at Lifelink, Meridian
1406.01 - Special Education Level III Behavior
ESU 13: Panhandle Beginnings
1407.00 - Student Services: Special Education Coaching & Consultation
Inclusive Practices Mentoring & Coaching
1408.00 - Student Services: Deaf Education
A teacher of the Hearing Impaired provides deaf education services and/or consultation for students verified as deaf or hard of hearing. Our Deaf Educator works with audiologists to ensure appropriate aural rehabilitation services to students, families, and schools.
1409.00 - Student Services: Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy is a related service for students birth to age 21, as identified through the student’s individual education program (IEP) process. The focus of the service is to enhance the student’s education and foster a level of independence.
1411.00 - Student Services: Secondary Transition Support and Training
Transition Staff assists district staff with student transition plans. These responsibilities may include student assessment days, student activities, connections to post-secondary adult/agencies, parent support training.
1414.00 - Behavior & Mental Health Support
Provides assistance to local educators and students, both verified and non-verified, to improve classroom behavior and student/teacher interaction through observation, consultation, screening and in-service. LMHP, Behaviorist services related to better understanding mental health issues in the public schools. (Student/Family Therapy, Therapeutic Consultation, Intensive Outpatient Therapy)
1416.02 - Student Assessment: Acadience Assessment
ESU 13 staff administrators the Acadience testing for the K-6 students in individual buildings.
1417.00 - Student Services:Outside of School Placement & Alt Educ Service
Educational opportunities for students in need of Outside School Placements. ESU 13: Valley Alternative Learning Transitional School (VALTS)
1418.00 - Services Coordination
Coordination of services for families of infants and toddlers with disabilities, across agency lines. Serves as the single point of contact in helping to obtain the services and assistance needed.
1419.00 - Resource Teacher
Provide direct services as indicated on IEPs for students eligible for special education services.
Grant Services
1501.01 - Grant Coordination: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Grant
ASD Regional Network Coordinator ASD Regional Behavior Specialist
1501.02 - Grant Coordination: Perkins Grant
Provides grant facilitation, management, professional development, and networking for Career and Technical Education teachers through the Carl D Perkins Grant Consortium.
1501.04 - Grant Coordination: Title IC
1501.06 - Grant Coordination: Title III Limited English Proficient
Title III Consortium
1501.07 - Grant Coordination: Title IV
Title IVA Behavioral Consortium - Service Coordination/Referrals and Direct Therapeutic Services
1501.09 - Grant Coordination: Transition Grants
Regional Transition Facilitator(s)
1501.11 - Grant Coordination: Planning Region
Planning Region Team 13 Planning Region Team 14
1501.12 - Grant Coordination: PEaK
ILCD 3.0 Targeted Improvement Plan support Consortium funds for districts
1501.13 - Grant Coordination: Early Learning Connections (ELC)
Panhandle Early Learning Connections - Coordination of Professional Development opportunites for those working with children birth to age 8.
1501.15 - Grant Coordination: Sixpence
Sixpence Sprouting Success - Child Care Partnerships Program Coaching and training workforce serving infants and toddlers in community child care programs Supporting programs with the Quality Rating and Improvement Process - Step Up to Quality Providing grant funds to support the cost of pursuing quality Program coordination and grant management
1502.08 - NeMTSS Regional Lead
NDE funded regional support for MTSS implementation and support.
1502.09 - NeMTSS Early Childhood Facilitator
NDE funded regional support for Early Childhood MTSS implementation and support.
1502.12 - Grant Writing: Early Learning Connections - Coach Consultant
Other Services
1601.00 - Production
Providing schools with production services such as lamination, poster printing, 3D printing etc
Other (not a requirement of SIMPL)
1701.00 - Other Student Services (not a requirement of SIMPL)
Services provided to students. This data will be collected for the ESU use only and will not be included in the statewide data. ESU 13: Kindergarten Trip Through Time; Grade 4 Historic School; Grade 4 Tools & Tech Through Time; Grade 5 Project WET (Water Education); Grade 6 Branch Out