2020 - 2021

ESU 11
2020 - 2021
ESU 11

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
Workshop facilitation on formative, summative and interim assessment; Interpreting ACT, NCSAS,MAP and other data for the purpose of improving classroom instruction; Test Wiz;
Continuous Improvement
Consultation, workshops or direct work with school districts to assist with the CIP process. Example activities: Steering Committee Meeting, mission/vision work, data retreat to create CIP goal, action plans, program evaluation, preparing for CIP external review
Counselor Networking
Counselor networking opportunities four times each year.
Crisis Team/School Safety Trainings
Coordinate trainings for schools
Support for analysis, organization, and display of continuous improvement data
Entry Level Assistance
Training/mentoring for new teachers
Federal Program workshops
Provide workshops with NDE support for ESSA/Title/Perkins Programs
Foreign Language Concert
for High School Students
HAL Classroom Enrichment
Work with teacher to develop HAL activities in classrooms
High Ability Learners Advisory Meeting
District HAL Support Person Meetings
Training on instructional strategies
Instructional Model
Trainings for teachers/schools in Marzano and APL to integrate a common language of instruction
Assist districts in integrating MTSS
Perkins Grant Management
Write and manage Perkins grant dollars and requests from schools.
Professional Learning Communities for ESU 11 schools at specific grade levels and content areas
Principal Training/Meetings
Principal networking opportunities three times each year
STEM Trailer
STEM Mobile Labs
Superintendent Advisory Meetings
We hold 5 a year with ESU 11 superintendents
Title I Consultant
We provide Title I consulting to Title I teachers and administrators
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Media Services
Astronomy Equipment (Planetarium, Telescopes, etc.) CNC Shark Router CPR in Schools Training Kit DVD & VHS Video Checkouts Giant Nebraska Map Makerspaces Equipment (Drones, Spheros, MaKey MaKey, etc.) Photography Equipment (Lighting, Reflectors, Backdrops, etc.) RealCare Baby Simulators Science Kits, Sensors, & Models Technology Equipment (Projectors, Speakers, Electronics, etc.)
3D Printing Book Binding ID Badge Printing Laminating Large Format Poster & Photo Printing Printing, Copying, & Other Production Services Teacher Work Center (Cricuts, Die Cuts, Paper Materials, etc.)
Learn 360, Overdrive, OdysseyWare
Technology (84-002.05B)
Blended Learning
Blended Learning helps teachers leverage technology to improve student learning. It’s a combination of face to face and online learning to help increase personalization and engagement for all students and helps define and measure success for 21st century and To build district capacity for BlendEd, ESUCC and the Nebraska Council of School Administrators (NCSA) are partnering to provide districts the opportunity to participate in the ESUCC NCSA BlendEd Pilot Project
Digital Citizenship Presentations
All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life.
This is managed DNS services provided through DNS Made Easy.
E-Rate Filing & Consultation
This service includes all aspects of Universal Service E-Rate applications and funding for both Category 1 and Category 2 eligible services.
Email Security Management
This service includes managing email security best practices such as SPF (sender provider framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance). This includes a subscription to Dmarcian for DMARC record analysis.
Firewall Management
This service includes all aspects of management and support of firewall devices.
Group Software Buys
Receive large quantity pricing
Internet Access
This service includes internet access bandwidth from commodity Internet 1, Internet 2, and commodity peering services.
PowerSchool Trainings
Training for ESU 11 schools
Resources for Distance Learning
Share resources with schools to use for Virtual Field Trips in their classroom
Technical Support
The ESU 11 Technology team works to ensure the smooth operation of the wired and wireless networks throughout the coverage area as well as other critical infrastructure services. Additionally, technology personnel consult with individual schools on projects, technology initiatives, as well as day-to-day technical support. This service includes Technology Support delivered either remotely or on-site. Entries and time are tracked through the ESU 11 Freshdesk ticketing system.
Technology Integration
The use oftechnology to enhance and support the educational environment.
Wired & Wireless Network Management
This service includes all aspects of management and support of wired and wireless networks.
WordPress and Website Hosting
This service includes a VPS (virtual private server) hosting WordPress multi-network, allowing multiple domains and sites. It also includes a WPMUDev subscription for various security plugins, as well as a Connections Pro Pack plugin subscription.
Student Services
Behavior/Mental Health
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Early Childhood Special Education
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Financial Report Support
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Grant Management (PEaK Project)
Write, support, and provide staff to districts regarding TIP
HAL Future Problem Solving/Quiz Bowls
Host seminars for FPS/Host ESU 11 Quiz Bowls as well as facilitate quiz bowls at ESU 11 schools
HAL Program/Curriculum Guides
Assist Schools in creating program/curriculum for ESU 11 schools
HAL Summer Honors Program
A two week summer propram for high school students in the ESU 11 area. We offer numerous academies to roughly 140 students.
HAL Testing of Students
Test students who teachers feel possess talents to be a part of the High Ability Program but did not qualify based on school-wide testing
Mandt Training
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Occupational Therapy
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Paraprofessional Training
Training for paraprofessionals
School Psychology
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Special Ed. In-service Training
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
SPED Program Supervision
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Speech Language Therapy
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Transition Services
Provide Staff to ESU 11 schools
Other Services
Coop Purchasing
Nebraska ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing provides compliant, competitive, aggregated bidding and purchasing to control and reduce costs to its members by maximizing efficiency of resources and processes in Nebraska and Nationally. Cooperative Purchasing is authorized to coordinate purchases for public school districts, nonpublic school systems, other ESUs, and other public agencies, including any county, city, village, school district, or agency of the state government, any drainage district, sanitary and improvement district, or other municipal corporation or political subdivision of the State of Nebraska.
HAL Grant Applications and Filing
HAL Nebraska Grant Application Filing
Immunization Records/Reporting
Review immunization files of students and send notices to parents-then file reports
Nursing Services
Provide nursing services as requested by schools
School Law Webinars
We make school law webinars available to schools from school attorneys.
Student Health Appraisals
As required by the state