2023 - 2024

ESU 08
2023 - 2024
ESU 08

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
1101.00 - Continuous Improvement
Includes all parts of the CIP -- data dig, mission, vision, goals, action planning
1101.01 - Data Support
Supporting district/school staff with using data to guide efforts. Services include disaggregating school improvement data, assessment data, perceptual data and program/process data.
1102.00 - MTSS
Support with the implementation and sustainment of MTSS and PBiS
1103.00 - Mental Health PD
To collaborate with educators, parents and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students that strengthen connections between home and school.
1104.00 - Leadership
Providing leadership and direction to other administrators, such as the Administrative Assembly and Principal Cadre
1105.00 - Curriculum
Support the curriculum development process to include alignment, essential content, and high quality instructional materials selection.
1106.00 - Content Area Support - other
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy in areas other than core, PK-12
1106.01 - Instructional Models
Any PD surrounding instructional models, strategies, and planning.
1106.02 - Content Area ELA
Training specific to reading, phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing instruction and strategies.
1106.03 - Content Area Math
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy in math, PK-12
1106.04 - Content Area Science
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy in science, PK-12.
1106.05 - Content Area Social Studies
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy in social studies, PK-12.
1107.00 - Assessment
Formative, Interim and Summative Assessment
1108.00 - Technology Integration
Working one-on-one or whole group, modeling and teaching best practices in technology integration and aligned with curriculum.
1108.08 - Instruction: eduCLIMBER
Professional learning on the utilization and maintenance of the eduCLIMBER data platform.
1109.01 - Instructional Coaching
Cognitive Coaching for teachers
1109.03 - Administrator Coaching
Cognitive Coaching for school administrators
1110.00 - New Teacher Academy
Program intended to support, grow and retain first year teachers.
1112.13 - EL Professional Learning
English Learners Instructional Support--providing guidance, materials, scheduling, placement, and assessment to schools.
1112.17 - Professional Growth Seminars
ESU coordinates and/or presents professional growth seminars
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
1201.00 - Products and Subscriptions
Learn360 & World Book Web
Technology (84-002.05B)
1301.00 - Technology Support
General technology and technical support.
1301.01 - Internet and WAN Support
Support of internet and WAN (Wide Area Network) circuits.
1301.07 - Contracted Technology Support
Dedicated FTE assigned directly to school district(s) under a contract for personnel arrangement.
1301.08 - Planning & Consultation
Strategic planning, general consultations, etc.
1302.04 - Directory Services & SSO (Single Sign-On)
Active Directory, LDAP, NebraskaCloud, etc.
1304.00 - Information Security
Provide proactive planning, training and reporting focused on cybersecurity and resources after a cybersecurity event.
1306.00 - E-Rate
Universal Service E-Rate filing and consultation.
Student Services
1402.00 - Speech-Language Pathology
Providing Speech Pathology Services to Children Birth to 21 including receptive language, expressive language, articulation, voice, fluency, literacy, and social communication.
1404.00 - Early Childhood
Early Childhood Special Education teachers manage referrals and conducting evaluations of children birth to 5 years old. They provide instruction to children in their homes, child care settings, and/or preschools.
1406.00 - Learning Centers
ESU 8 Learning Centers provide students with unique opportunities in academics, social skills, life skills, job skills including job sites and community based learning experiences. ESU 8 Learning Center staff members spend time developing, working with, and creating relationships with the schools, students and families we serve. For students age 5-21 with developmental disabilities.
1406.01 - Behavior School
ESU 8 Clearwater Learning Center Behavior Program supports students with disabilities in grades K-6 unlocking their potential by working collaboratively with stakeholders and meeting students where they are academically, behaviorally, and socially to build on their strengths in order to successfully transition back to their prior educational environment.
1413.00 - School Nursing
Provide nursing services as requested by schools.
1414.00 - Mental Health (LMHP)
To find the best solution for each student and situation and use different counseling strategies to address student’s needs socially and emotionally. Counsel with emphasis on prevention. Work with individuals and their families to promote the optimum mental health of the student.
Grant Services
1501.02 - Perkins Grant Consortium
1501.06 - English Learners Instructional Support
English Leaners Instructional Support - provide guidance, materials, scheduling, placement, and assessment to schools
Other Services
Other (not a requirement of SIMPL)