2020 - 2021

ESU 07
2020 - 2021
ESU 07

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
Assessment Literacy & Development
Support for creation of summative and formative assessment
Direct support and professional learning for schools engaged in a blended learning initiative.
Classroom Coaching
Cognitive Coaching for Teachers
Continuous Improvement Process
Analyzing results, selecting goals, implementation of strategies, verifying results, implementation of CIP cycle, leadership retreat, SIMPL data dig @ districts
Crisis/ School Safety
Workshops, consultation, and on-site support for school safety teams, crisis teams, and threat assessment teams.
Develop & revise curriculum based on standards
Assisting schools in developing, revising, and aligning curriculum based on current content standards.
Instructional Materials Adoption
Instructional materials adoption assistance and materials alignment
Instructional Models
Professional development surrounding instructional models (Danielson, Marzano, ITIP, homegrown, etc.), strategies, and planning.
Instructional Strategies
Kagan, Differentiation, Vocabulary, BlendED, Direct Instruction
Math Content Training
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy in math, PK-12
Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS/RDA)
Direct support of MTSS process and practice in school districts. Example activities: team meeting, data analysis, action plans, creating process/protocols, on-site coaching.
New Teacher Academy
Study and implementation of research-based, best practices designed to support beginning teachers. Includes a clear focus on career-long excellence in the classroom and the legacy we create. Topics could include: lesson design, classroom management, student engagement, high yield strategies, technology integration, SPED, parent-teacher conferences
NWEA Training/Support
NWEA Certified Facilitators providing on-site consultation, training, and data analysis for administrators, teachers and staff.
Other/Non-NSCAS Content Trainings
Trainings and support for content areas not tested through NSCAS.
Personalized PD
Assistance/mentoring for teachers (or small groups of teachers) needing assistance with implementing specific strategies.
Principal Coaching
Cognitive Coaching for Principals
Principal Development
ESU 7 Principals have the opportunity to meet 5 times each year for opportunities to collaborate. Additionally, principal trainings are scheduled as needs are identified.
Principal/Teacher Evaluation
Evaluation and training support. Example activities: consultation, Staff Evaluation Tool Support, classroom observations, walk through data collection, workshop facilitation, support with Student Learning Objectives, Professional Goal setting
Reading Content Training
Training specific to reading instruction; reading strategies consultation; intervention training part of - Instruction.
Science Content Training
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy in science, PK-12.
Superintendent Development
Superintendent networking meetings on ESU campus throughout the year. Visits by ESU Administrator to school district Superintendents to discuss, plan and problem solve services provided to the districts.
Tech Integration Specialist program meetings
Provide support and training to school Technology Integration Specialists.
Technology Integration
Provides professional development of staff and/or individuals with the integration of technology into the classroom.
Writing Content Training
Training specific to writing instruction; writing strategies consultation; intervention training
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Media Lending Library
Provides tangible resources for schools. ex: DVDs, Real Care Babies
Products and Subscriptions
EdReady, Discovery Ed, World Book, Other
Virtual Field Trips
Resources for schools to use Virtual Field Trips in the classroom.
Technology (84-002.05B)
Coordinating Computer Repair Partnership
Coordination of a computer repair service across multiple vendors. ESU serves as a central drop off / pick up location.
Datacenter Services
Provides a direct connection to each school via a layer 2 VPN. This connection allows schools to place servers in our data center for redundant and primary services along with offsite backups. ESU 7 also hosts a variety of servers that monitor the health of our school's networks. These include: Ubiquity Unifi Wireless Controllers - Monitors and manages the wireless networks for our schools. Ubiquity UISP - Monitors & manages school routers, switches, and wireless bridges.
Distance Learning Consortium
Coordination of statewide distance learning and remote learning courses. Fiscal agent for the consortium.
E-Rate Filing & Consultation
This service focuses on assisting schools with completing the processes required by the Universal Service Corporation for discounts on telecommunications services. These requirements include filing numerous reports, letting bids or requests for proposals, and completing on-line requests to receive calculated discounts for eligible services.
Electronics Recycling
Free electronics recycling for member schools. Schools are encouraged to drop off a variety of unused computer-based electronics where they are palletized and recycled.
Identity Management
Provides support for a regional single sign on system.
Internet Support
Provide coordination and support for our school's direct connection to an internet service provider of their choice. These services range from the initial planning and design, to implementation of equipment and assuring continuity of the connection.
LAN Manager Program
Provide support and training to school LAN Managers.
LanMan Partnership
ESU offers to supply technical services on a consistent scheduled basis per our LANMAN Partnership service agreement. A District Technology Coordinator is hired by the ESU and assigned to those schools who choose to participate in the service.
Network Planning & Consultation
Network personnel help plan, design, and implement infrastructure from wire to wireless, iPad, or laptops, servers and more.
Technical Support
Our Team provides support in the following areas: Backups, Client Computers, iOS, General IT, Lab Computers, Web Filtering, Email, Wired & Wireless Networking, Anti-Virus, and User Administrator.
Technical Training
Provide training for a variety of software and hardware platforms including server, mobile device management, client and tablet systems.
Zoom, Scopia
Zoom is a desktop web and video conferencing program.
Student Services
Behavior Analyst
A Behavior Analyst conducts Functional Behavior Assessments to determine why a behavior is occurring and then develop a Behavior Intervention Plan to address the challenging behaviors. The analyst works closely with school administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, and school psychologists. Services can be minimal, such as conducting an observation and helping with classroom strategies, or much more extensive. Some students may require intensive behavior interventions, social skills training and/or emotional behavioral health support. I also provide trainings to districts that discuss the basics of behavior, classroom strategies to help manage challenging behaviors, de-escalation strategies, and various other topics that the school district specifies.
Cen7ter is designed to meet the needs of students ages 14 to 21 with developmental disabilities. Cen7ter's mission is to empower students to use their strengths to assist in preparing each individual to gain employment and independent living skills. The Cen7ter program places emphasis on life skills academics, social skills, independent living, recreation/leisure, and prevocational opportunities. Cen7ter services are IEP driven and available 1 - 5 days a week.
Deaf Education
A teacher of the Hearing Impaired provides deaf education services and/or consultation for students verified as deaf or hard of hearing. Our Deaf Educator works with audiologists to ensure appropriate aural rehabilitation services to students, families, and schools.
Early Childhood
EC staff evaluate children and provide services to Birth-5 year old with identified disabilities and their caregivers in home, daycares and preschools.
Learning Academy
The ESU 7 Learning Academy supports students aged 5 - 21 in unlocking their potential by working collaboratively with stakeholders and meeting students where they are academically, behaviorally, and socially to build on their strengths in order to successfully transition back to their prior educational environment.
Mental Health
To find the best solution for each student and situation and use different counseling strategies to address student’s needs socially and emotionally. To collaborate with educators, parents and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all students that strengthen connections between home and school. Counsel with emphasis on prevention. Work with individuals and their families to promote optimum mental health of the student.
Program Supervision
Compliance, financials, training
Provide the appropriate assessments when evaluating students, interpret and disseminate data, provide interventions, and consult and collaborate with team members to develop an effective plan to meet the needs of each individual student.
Resource Coach
The ESU7 Resource Coach focus is working with teachers, other district staff, and families to assist and provide guidance, training, resources, and strategies for working with students by utilizing programming and materials to improve learning through meeting each individual student's needs. Training Topics: IEP Development Writing and Implementing Measurable IEP Goals Facilitation of IEP Meetings In-service training for general and special education teachers and para educators Classroom Environment Design to enhance individual student performance Direct work with students to implement strategies Discrete Trial Programming and Implementation Data Collection Behavior Strategies Transition Planning Student Schedule Development Department Staff Meetings Facilitation Verbal Behavior Training Functional Life Skills Activities Independent Living Skills in Home Independent Student Time Activities Professional Growth Suggestions Model Lessons Differentiation of Instruction Other as requested by individual Districts
A transition specialists primary focus is preparing students with disabilities to transition from high school to life after graduation. The specialist supports districts through training opportunities, linkages to agencies and specialists, and providing student workshops on transition-related topics.
The ESU7 Vision Team provides resources, services, and support in preparing children/youth, ages birth-21, who have a visual impairment for success in life through collaboration with schools, families, and community agencies. Vision services are available for students experiencing vision problems. Certified vision personnel provide evaluation, consultation, and intervention for these children. This assistance may include the use of adaptive equipment, assistive technology, instruction in Braille, orientation and mobility, and other skills for accessing the general curriculum, and acquire Adapted Core Curriculum skills specific to individuals with vision impairments.
Other Services
Autism Spectrum Disorders Grant
The Northeast Regional ASD Network is available to provide Resources and Training to local school districts in the areas of: Assessment and verification of ASD Program planning, including identification and implementations of appropriate strategies and interventions for students with ASD. The Northeast region has a lending library consisting of books, videos, and other resources that is available to school districts and parents upon request. These may be checked out from the ESU7 Media Department.
Coop Purchasing
Nebraska ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing provides compliant, competitive, aggregated bidding and purchasing to control and reduce costs to its members by maximizing efficiency of resources and processes in Nebraska and Nationally. Cooperative Purchasing is authorized to coordinate purchases for public school districts, nonpublic school systems, other ESUs, and other public agencies, including any county, city, village, school district, or agency of the state government, any drainage district, sanitary and improvement district, or other municipal corporation or political subdivision of the State of Nebraska.
Early Learning Connection (ELC)
Grant to support early childhood training in ESU's 2 & 7
Group Purchasing
Volume purchases for various vendor services to optimize purchasing efficiencies for such items as John Baylor, policy updates, etc
PEaK, formerly known as ILCD stands for Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities, a Nebraska Department of Education Initiative designed to enhance program improvement that will result in better outcomes for children with disabilities. The ESU7 PEaK Coordinator assists school districts with their improvement activities for students with disabilities. The Facilitator partners with districts to gather and analyze data in collaboration with the Continuous School Improvement Process and to assist in the development of Targeted Improvement Plans. Each Nebraska school district will develop a Targeted Improvement Plan that will lead to better child and student performance and report annually to NDE on the Plan's progress.
Perkins Grant
Provides grant facilitation, management, professional development, and networking for Career and Technical Education teachers through the Carl D Perkins Grant Consortium.
Planning Region Team
ESU7’s Planning Region Team (PRT) for early intervention is dedicated to providing supports to families and community partners so ALL children have the same learning opportunities, It also ensures parents become decision makers and leaders in the child’s learning. This is accomplished through a strong commitment to teaming, coaching, and principles of evidence-based practices. PRT is responsible to arrange or provide the required NDE training for Part C providers.
Production/Art Media
The ESU 7 Production Department provides schools with copy and finishing services, lamination, flash and word cards, writing paper pads, Ellison Cutouts, and poster printing.
Title 1 COOP
Provide support in coordinating school wide and targeted assistance Title 1 programs. Training and support provided for teachers, administrators, and bookkeepers.
Title IC Migrant Education Program
The Migrant Education Program (MEP) is authorized by Part C of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. This program is a federally funded program designed to meet the unique needs of all children of migratory agricultural workers by providing both supplemental educational and support services. The general purpose of the Migrant Education Program is to ensure that migrant children fully benefit from the same free public education provided to other children. To achieve this purpose, the MEP help State Education Agencies and local operating agencies address the special educational needs of migrant children to better enable migrant children to succeed academically.
Title II-A Consortium
The ESU 7 Title II-A Consortium supports the goal of Title II-A: Increase the academic achievement of all students through strategies such as improving teacher and Principal quality and increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in the classroom and highly qualified Principals and leaders in schools.
Title III - English Learners
Trainings, support and resources to assist schools in meeting the needs of English Learners.
Title IV
Title IV-A Consortium supports the goal of Title IV-A: Well rounded education opportunities, safe and healthy students, and effective use of technology.
Transition Grant
A transition specialists primary focus is preparing students with disabilities to transition from high school to life after graduation. The specialist supports districts through training opportunities, linkages to agencies and specialists, and providing student workshops on transition-related topics.