2020 - 2021

ESU 02
2020 - 2021
ESU 02

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
Assessment: Literacy and Development
SPED verification, SEBL, Teaching Strategies GOLD, Family Interviews, Routine Based Interview (RBI) Professional learning focused on assessment literacy and a balanced system of assessment which includes formative, interim, and summative measures. *Review of current assessment system *Types of assessments: formative, interim, summative *NWEA training *Implementation planning *Assessment writing *Standards-referenced grading
Curriculum: Revision and Alignment
Services include alignment of standards to curriculum resources and assessments, creation/revision of curriculum documents, and creation of learning plans. *Review of standards *Alignment of standards to curriculum documents, support materials and assessment system *Curriculum development *Technology integration *Lesson design training *Lesson development *Implementation coaching
Instruction: Art Integration
Provide professional learning on content, pedagogy, implementation, state and federal guidelines, (teaching, observation, implementation coaching, co-planning, video tutorial, etc..)
Instruction: Best Practices
Professional learning based on best practices around a variety of topics. Topics could include: differentiation, high yield strategies, technology integration. Types of learning include: in-district, at ESU2, small-groups, coaching
Instruction: Career Technical Education (CTE)
Provide professional learning on content, pedagogy, implementation, state and federal guidelines (teaching observation, implementation coaching, co-planning, video tutorial, etc..)
Instruction: Coaching
A partnership between the instructional coach and the teacher to support improvement of teaching and student learning.
Instruction: ELA
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy in English Language Arts, PK-12. *Direct instruction training *Technology integration *Writing instruction *Reading strategies *Daily 5 *Intervention training *SPED planning
Instruction: Math
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy in mathematics, PK-12. *Making Math Meaningful (3M) *Nebraska Mathematical Processes *Intervention planning and training *SPED planning
Instruction: New Teacher Academy
Study and implementation of research-based, best practices designed to support beginning teachers through a year-long cadre. Includes a clear focus on career-long excellence in the classroom and the legacy we create. Topics could include: lesson design, classroom management, student engagement, high yield strategies, technology integration, mentoring, co0-teaching, SPED, parent-teacher conferences
Instruction: Other
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy PK-12.
Instruction: Preschool
Supports teacher growth and compliance within an early learning setting. This includes ECERS, GOLD, Pyramid Model, along with best practices in an inclusive classroom. *Lesson planning; *Embedded learning; ECERS; GOLD; Creative Curriculum; Inclusive Classrooms; Home visits; NAEYC
Instruction: Science
Professional learning based on best practices of content and pedagogy in science, PK-12.
Instruction: SEBL
*Trauma informed schools; Behavior consultation/support for Independent School participants; Implementation Coaching
Instruction: Social Studies
Provide professional learning on content, pedagogy, implementation, state and federal guidelines (teaching, observation, implementation, coaching, co-planning, video tutorial, etc..)
Instruction: SPED
Instruction related to
Instruction: Technology Integration
Introduce new technologies; assist teachers with technology tools; assist administration with technology integration plans; coach; encourage best practices; on-site classroom observations; technical assistance support; workshop facilitation; one-on-one coaching; canvas support, implementation, instruction, coaching
Leadership: Capacity Building
A series of opportunities to engage in discussion and learning about initiatives and professional growth. *Leadership meetings *Mentoring training *Walkthrough development *Evaluation tool development *Technology Integration tools *Review of principal and teacher standards
System: Canvas
Support in development of a Canvas system within districts.
System: Continuous Improvement
Professional learning based on Rule 10, Section 009.01A: The school system develops and implements a continuous school improvement process to promote quality learning for all students...This process includes procedures and strategies to address quality learning, equity, and accountability. *Alignment of initiatives *Team/PLC training *Data analysis *Targeted Improvement Planning *Infrastructure development (tech, integration, 1-1, hardware, etc...) *Implementation planning *Professional learning, planning and evaluation
System: Instructional Model
Professional learning about in the development of a comprehensive framework of effective teaching practices that results in increased student learning. The framework offers educators, administrators, students and parents a common language of instruction in order to communicate about educational excellence. *Team training/support *Implementation planning *Technology integration *Coaching *Teacher Evaluation tool including all procedures, policies and forms aligned with instructional model.
System: MTSS
Professional learning related to the development of a service delivery system based on the concept that some students require early and powerful general education interventions of increasing intensity. *Review of current system (NDE self-assessment tool) *Team training *Tier planning *Data team planning and development *SAT team training and development *PBIS
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Online Resource Management
Give districts the opportunity to integrate online resources in and outside the classroom.
Technology (84-002.05B)
Install or configure infrastructure
Maintenance: Subhub, eduCLIMBER
Maintain infrastructure systems to ensure proper functionality and security
Software as Service
(URL shortener, SubHub, Navigator, Mental Health ticketing system, attendance enterprise)
Student Services
*Level 3 Programming
Level 3 programming to support students in building skills to be successful in the general education setting.
*Special Education Compliance
IEP Development/Process Rule 51/52 MDT Development/Process Verification process 504 ILCD
*Special Education Financial Support
Final Financials Maintenance of Effort Proportionate Share IDEA Compliance
Direct Family Service
Services Coordination, Navigators Help families get connected with services for their child and family (i.e. SPED, community programs, food bank, advocacy)
Direct Student Service
(SLP, Psychologist/Psych, LMHP, Vision, OT, Services Coordination, Independent School, Navigators, P2T) Direct therapy/instruction with students. Organization and facilitation of meetings, paperwork and documentation related to direct therapy/instruction.
Early Intervention: Planning Region Team
Oversight of local Planning Region Team including review of EDN caseloads and files, EI teams and coaching training, support, and management.
Early Intervention: Support
Supports provider growth and compliance within an early intervention setting. This includes GOLD, RBI, Home Visits, along with best practices in working with families of children birth-three.
Consulting in budgeting and utilization of tools that track and report district finances.
Mental Health
School Community Navigator LMHP
Staff Development
SLP Collaboration School Psychologist Collaboration Life Skills Collaboration Special Education Provider Collaboration Staff Day Staff Consultation Transition Level 3 Collaboration
Supervision: Services Coordination
Oversee EDN services and practices of services coordinators including caseload management, compliance review, and professional growth.
System: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
Support in development of IDEA system within districts.
Teaching Strategies GOLD Support
Teaching Strategies GOLD training, system support, OSEP review, and administration use.
Other Services
Competitive Grant Supports: EIR
Grant with Raymond Central & Schuyler Community Schools
Competitive Grant Supports: MTA
Federal Grant Project for professional development in art instruction.
Coop Purchasing
Nebraska ESUCC Cooperative Purchasing provides compliant, competitive, aggregated bidding and purchasing to control and reduce costs to its members by maximizing efficiency of resources and processes in Nebraska and Nationally. Cooperative Purchasing is authorized to coordinate purchases for public school districts, nonpublic school systems, other ESUs, and other public agencies, including any county, city, village, school district, or agency of the state government, any drainage district, sanitary and improvement district, or other municipal corporation or political subdivision of the State of Nebraska.
E-rate support
Support of the e-rate application process.
End User Support
Assist end users with their technical problems.
Group Purchasing (Baylor, Naviance, Odysseyware)
Facilitating group purchase of resources in order to provide discounted pricing for products. Provide policy updates to districts.
Instruction: eduCLIMBER
Professional learning on content, pedagogy, implementation, state and federal guidelines.
Maintenance: eduCLIMBER
Maintain infrastructure systems to ensure proper functionality & security
Network Nebraska
Membership in the state-wide network.
Non-Competitive Grant Support
Support districts in the management of and implementation of state and federal grants.
NVIS support
State-wide video conferencing and distance learning clearing house.
On-line Resource Allocation
(DiscoveryEd, Access360, Destiny, Vocabulary.com, esu2Grows, etc...) Provide access to on-line resources for districts either by negotiating group purchasing discounts. *Hosted by vendor
Pathways 2 Tomorrow
Consortium between schools to deliver career and technical education .
Aid staff in preparing for the school year and events (printing, coiling, binding, video production)
Research & Development
Help schools come up with a solution for a problem
Statewide Canvas Implementation
Increase usage and implementation of LMS systems to all NE schools
System: Data Systems
eduCLIMBER system development