2019 - 2020

ESU 06 Student Services
Parent Conferences & Education on variety of topics from birth-21

Aquestt Tenets
  • Positive Partnerships, Relationships, and Student Success
  • Transitions
  • Educational Opportunities and Access
  • College and Career Ready
  • Assessment
  • Educator Effectiveness
Associated Grants
  • Assistive Technology Partnership
  • Early Learning Connections
  • Improving Learning for Chidren with Disabilities
  • Planning Region
  • Transition
  • Results Driven Accountability

Value of Service  
ESU Investment


hours at $0.00 per hour
( hours from activity logs
hours from events.)

This total represents the investment ESU 06 has made supporting this service.

School Savings

Market cost of 33 less 33 passed on to schools.

This total represents the savings to schools involved with the service.