2023 - 2024

Kimball Public Schools
2023 - 2024
ESU 13

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
1101.00 - Continuous Improvement
Supporting individual schools or districts in specific Continuous Schools Improvement topics.
1102.00 - MTSS
developing tiered system of systematic supports:: data analysis, intervention design and implementation, monitoring
1102.01 - MTSS: Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP)
Support Schools in the Targeted Improvement Planning Process
1104.00 - Leadership
Support for educational leadership and capacity building
1104.06 - Annual Policy Updates
Annual Policy Updates - information provided to Administrators regarding policy
1107.00 - Assessment
Workshops, consultation or direct work with school districts to develop formative and summative assessments and analyze and apply diagnostic, formative, interim and summative data. Examples: creation of classroom and district assessments, analysis of assessment data results, using assessment data to inform instruction, training and consultation related to classroom, state and national data, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills ‘DIBELS’, Acadience, Measures of Academic Progress ‘MAP’ Growth, Nebraska Student Centered Assessment System ‘NSCAS’ Growth. Nebraska Reading Improvement Act approved assessments
1107.02 - Assessment: NSCAS
Supporting schools with NSCAS assessments(State Summative and ACT). Services include planning, assessing, and using data collected.
1109.01 - Coaching: Teacher Coaching (Individual)
Instructional support based on district, building or teacher developed growth areas.
1109.06 - Coaching: New Teacher Cadre (NTA)
Providing supports for teachers in their first years of teaching. Services include workshops and cadre meetings covering a variety of topics
1112.13 - Specialist: EL Professional Learning
English Learners Instructional Support--providing guidance, materials, scheduling, placement, and assessment to schools. Not related to Title III grant consortium services
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
1201.00 - Digital Resources
Creation of and support for digital learning content.
Technology (84-002.05B)
Student Services
1401.06 - EDN Supervision: Services Coordination
Oversee EDN services and practices of services coordinators including caseload management, compliance review, and professional growth.
1402.00 - Student Services: Speech Language Pathology
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic, consultative services for students with verified speech/ language disabilities. Maintains and completes necessary paperwork following recommended guidelines.
1403.00 - Student Services: Visual Impairment
The teacher of the visually impaired provides resources, services, and support in preparing children/youth, ages birth to 21, who have a visual impairment for success in life through collaboration with schools, families, and community agencies. The TVI provides evaluation, consultation, and instruction for these children. This assistance may include the use of adaptive equipment, assistive technology, instruction in Braille, and other skills to help the students access the general curriculum, and acquire Adapted Core Curriculum skills specific to individuals with vision impairments.
1404.00 - Student Services: Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Special Education services includes managing referrals and conducting evaluations of children birth to 5 years old. If children are in need of special education services; it also includes evidence based service delivery of comprehensive services in homes, childcare and preschool settings that adhere to IDEA Part C and Part B (619) rules and regulations. The teams also works to smoothly transition verified children to their elementary schools as they move on to kindergarten. Schools can utilize coordinators to help manage their Teaching Strategies GOLD requirements.
1408.00 - Student Services: Deaf Education
A teacher of the Hearing Impaired provides deaf education services and/or consultation for students verified as deaf or hard of hearing. Our Deaf Educator works with audiologists to ensure appropriate aural rehabilitation services to students, families, and schools.
1411.00 - Student Services: Secondary Transition Support and Training
Transition Staff assists district staff with student transition plans. These responsibilities may include program planning, coordinating events and PD, monitoring, evaluating, educating, and implementing transition services and supports. Transition Staff also work with outside agencies.
Grant Services
1501.13 - Grant Coordination: Early Learning Connections (ELC)
Nebraska’s Early Learning Connection (ELC) is an integrated system of early childhood professional development. The ELC consists of a statewide hub at the Early Childhood Training Center and seven regional Early Learning Connection partnerships, along with other state and regional partners. It is designed as a system that supports the career and professional development of all who provide programs and services for young children birth through age eight.
Other Services
Other (not a requirement of SIMPL)