2021 - 2022

2021 - 2022
ESU 10

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)

Broken Bow has a new K-12 curriculum director for 2021-22 this year. Trent Benjamin will fill this position. A new Special Education Director has also been hired for '21-22. 


  • Would like continued support for formative and summative assessment for staff as started prior to 2021. Trent Benjamin would like these materials sent to him to review so he can catch up to what was previously taught.

Blended Learning

  • Would like to attend sessions at ESU 10.


  • Broken Bow is in Year 1 of their CIP cycle. Morgan Harms is leading the team. Kim Jonas and Rusty Klueder reported that staff are finishing their examination of what CIP goal they would like and that they may be focusing on real world experiences. Mr. Benjamin reported that staff should also focus on reading based on MAP data for both secondary and elementary. The HS will probably still be Cognia and the elementary will be Frameworks.


  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10.

Distance Learning

  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10.


  • Broken Bow requested no support needed. ALP 2.0 was discussed and promoted because Broken Bow had sent teachers in the past. Alumni were encouraged to attend.
  • Mr. Kluender and Mr. Benjamin asked about APL and would like continued support for APL trainers.

Instructional Coaching, Instructional Supports

  • No support needed.


  • No support needed. The ESU 10 Leadership Network was discussed and promoted.


  • No support needed. With Branching Minds, math will be a focus in the second semester of 21-22.


  • No support needed. Mr. Benjamin reported that for 2021-22 Broken Bow will implement Branching Minds for MTSS support and will train the staff in the fall on reading interventions and behavior support and focus on math in the second semester. For the following year (22-23), training will be focused on progress monitoring. Broken Bow has used Odysseyware in the past through ESU 11 but may purchase PathBlazer starting in 21-22. Mr. Benjamin reported that he will be observing his new teaching staff to assess how much core instruction is supporting 80% of the learners and how further tiers of students are supported in Tier 2 and Tier 3.

New Teacher Academy

  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10. New Teacher Academy at ESU 10 was discussed and promoted. Mr. Tobey said Broken Bow usually attends this with their mentor teachers as Broken Bow does not have an official mentoring or new teacher program on their own.


  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10. Mr. Benjamin is a NWEA trainer and would not need ESU 10 staff to train Broken Bow staff at the school because he will be able to fill that need.


  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10. CTE programs were discussed as encouraging students to find job shadowing opportunities, work studies, and potentially establishing career pathways as part of their CIP if the focus is on real world experiences. The school schedule may eventually be redesigned to reflect career pathways so that students could see the evolution of the courses at Broken Bow. This would likely take place in the following school year (22-23). Middle school students rotate electives to experience multiple CTE fields.
  • Another discussion topic was supporting non-core teachers in PLCs.

Paraprofessional Training

  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10. Paraprofessionals are on a three-year rotation to attend ESU 10 paraprofessional training.
  • Early Childhood support was discussed, and the new position regarding the Early Learning Network coach as well as the Early Learning Network support from Alexandra Dillon was promoted.


  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10. This may be a CIP goal. LETRS and ALP were discussed to promote this support as well as the Speech to Print training development. Staff will be trained in reading intervention through Branching Minds.

School Safety

  • Broken Bow may need support with this but unclear yet. A required training in June was mentioned from Scott Stemper from NDE regarding Emergency Operations Planning. Information is requested to be sent to Mr. Benjamin and Mr. Tobey.


  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10. The Science Retreat was promoted.

STEM Trailer

  • Broken Bow would like a list of items that are available from the STEM trailer. Mr. Benjamin sees connections with the HAL program at Broken Bow.


  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10. Mr. Benjamin was interested in learning more about the Launch STEM program and STEMFest for the HAL program at Broken Bow.

Teacher/Principal Evaluation

  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10.


  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10. Several summer trainings were discussed including Write Tools, the Writing Revolution book study, the Writing Cadre, Grammar in Context class, and the new ELA standards to be released in fall 2021.

Digital Resources/Overdrive

  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10. School Librarian network was discussed and promoted.

Technology Integration Support

  • Jason Daffer is still the technology support at Broken Bow. Broken Bow is using Google Classroom, Schoology, and Infinite Campus.

Student Activities

  • Broken Bow would like to attend sessions at ESU 10.



Training and support in the analysis and application of formative, interim, and summative data. Examples: data analysis facilitation, training, and consultation related to classroom, state, and national data.
Blended Learning
Direct support and professional learning for schools engaged in a blended learning initiative. Example activities: on-site classroom observations, technical assistance support, workshop facilitation, one-on-one consultation
Central Region Autism Grant
Our Autism Regional Coordinator, along with the Autism Team provides training and consultation to district staff in order to support students on the Autism Spectrum.
Example activities: curriculum alignment process, instructional materials selection process and consultation, workshop facilitation on incorporating standards into classroom practice
ELA Content
Training specific to literacy (reading and writing) instruction, literacy strategies consultation and/or intervention training.
High Ability Learning
Training, support and consultation for teachers of high ability learners.
Training on foundational pedagogical practices and strategies that can be implemented across content areas. Classroom examples: student engagement, comprehension, classroom management, relationships.
Professional learning and consultation for administrators and teacher leaders in support of district initiatives. Examples: one-on-one consultation; coaching conversations; Strategic Leadership trainings and meetings; leadership network triads
Training specific to math instruction; math strategies consultation; intervention training
New Teacher Academy
New teacher and mentor training; on-site support for teachers and mentors; consultation
Training specific to non-core content instruction and other/non-core consultation. Examples: Social Studies, Fine Arts, Career Education, World Language, Physical Education
Para Training
Workshop facilitation, webinar training, on-site support and/or consultation.
Training specific to science instruction, science strategies consultation and/or intervention training.
Best practices in STEM/STEAM including classroom support, instructional materials, planning, and STEM/MNM trailer.
Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP)
Provided by ILCD through the PEaK Project - Supports districts in completing NDE requirements of TIP progress monitoring and reporting.
Teacher/Principal Evaluation
Training and support in the development of district-wide practices for teacher or principal evaluation. Examples: Instructional framework adoption; consultation; training in evaluation best practices; administrator observation and data collection; ODIE Staff Evaluation Tool Support
Technology Integration Support
Workshop facilitation and training; on-site support; consultation; modeling technology tools; coaching of technology tools
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Digital Resource
Services schools use or purchase from ESU 10; Example: OverDrive
Technology (84-002.05B)
Distance Learning
Coordination of distance and online learning.
Document Management
Group Purchases for software licenses and/or hosting for Laserfiche Document Management
E-Rate Filing Consultation
E-Rate consultation and support to file forms, and maintain records, and communicate with USAC and vendors as needed.
Repair Services
Repair Services
Technical Support
Helpdesk supported systems, managed services, Tech Planning, Distance Learning
Web, App, and Server Hosting
Off-Site Back-Up
Student Services
Assistive Technology
ATP is run by VR and NDE. This program supports all Nebraska districts in providing AT services to children and students Birth-21.
Our Audiologist provides audiological supports and services to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Hearing assessments are conducted for any student suspected of having a disability or difference in their hearing.
Deaf education
Our teachers of the Hearing Impaired provide deaf education services, supports, and/or consultation for students verified with a deaf or hard of hearing disability. Our Deaf Educators work with our audiologist to ensure appropriate aural rehabilitation services to students, families, and schools.
Early childhood supports
EDN - Birth-3 - Our Service Coordinators provide services and supports to children with disabilities and their families. ESU 10 is the grant holder for the Planning Region Team grant which provides supports to schools, EDN, and other agencies that support families with young children with disabilities.
Transition Support
Our Transition Coordinator assists district staff with student transition plans. These responsibilities may include program planning, coordinating events and PD, monitoring, evaluating, educating, implementation, and public relations. Our Coordinator also works with outside agencies.
Vision Education
Our teachers of the visually impaired provide resources, services, and supports in preparing children/youth, ages birth-21, who have a visual impairment for success in life through collaboration with schools, families, and community agencies. Our certified teachers of the visually impaired provide evaluation, consultation, and intervention.
Other Services
Perkins Grant
Provides grant facilitation, management, professional development, and networking for Career and Technical Education teachers through the Carl D Perkins Grant Consortium.
Student Activities
All student activities hosted by ESU 10. Examples: Quiz Bowl, Science Olympiad, Digital Citizenship Symposium, STEMfest
Title I Support
TItle I district consultation, training and support.
Title III
Title III provides support for compliance of Rule 15, including materials acquisition and use, language supports in the classroom, creation and maintaining required documentation, professional learning planning related to supporting English learners, and program development