2021 - 2022

2021 - 2022
ESU 10

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)

Grand Island Public Schools would like support with Canvas office hours in June 2021. They have requested potential Canvas support with choice sessions for teachers on May 25, 2021. 

Assessment- On-site- Focus:  Assessment Literacy (common formative assessment in PLC)

  • Current district work: Formative assessment with weekly verifications


Blended Learning- On-site- Focus:  Using Canvas within face-to-face instruction

  • Would like support with Canvas office hours in June

  • May 25th is a snow day make-up for teachers would like some Canvas choice sessions

  • Interested in google classroom support as well

  • New staff will have to take 4 hours of asynchronous training this summer prior to 2.5 days of face-to-face new teacher training. May need support with this training. 


CIP- On-site Potential support with goal writing, data retreats, NWEA data training with PLCs

  • Reading and Math district and building goals

  • 2023-2024  (Year 3 in 2021-2022)

  • If possible, send CNA tool to GIPS prior to end of May. They would like to use it with their administrators the first week of June 2021


Curriculum- On-site- Focus:  Working with Curriculum Coordinators to support needs in both core and non-core curricular areas

  • Focus on literacy across the content area


Distance Learning- Yes- Focus:  virtual instructional delivery for K-12

  • GIPS will continue to have a virtual school with a principal. The principal will serve as Stolley Park’s principal and the virtual principal. 

  • GIPS may need support with instructional strategies, Special education and EL support for virtual learners.

  • Middle school has 60 kids attending virtually 

  • High school is moving to a competency based online environment for the high school virtual school


Instruction- On-site- Focus:  student engagement, conditions for learning


Instructional Coach Support- Yes- Focus:  Questioning techniques for instructional coaches

  • Their focus for next year is to work on questioning strategies. 


Instructional Supports- On-site- Focus:  PLC development, PLC Facilitator training


Leadership- On-site- Focus:  Equity training


Math- On-site- Focus:  Training around core shifts, scaffolding learning in math, building strong student math identity, develop aligned and relevant professional learning for math K-12

  • Dianah may be involved in their Marzano Research grant: Developing Algebraic Thinking Toolkit Project

  • New math curriculum coordinator is being hired

  • Working on Prek-12 math common commitments and academic vocabulary consistent across the district


MTSS- On-site- Focus:  Consultation in the development of GIPS’ MTSS Framework and accompanying professional learning

  • GIPS will have two new positions; one focused on Academic MTSS and one focused on Behavior

  • May need support with building their MTSS processes especially at the high school level. 


NWEA MAP- On-site- Focus:  NWEA data review and training with PLC teams K-12, how to establish action steps using the NWEA data

  • GIPS using DIBELS for early screener; piloted MAP Reading Fluency but went with DIBELS

  • Steve Underwood has been asking GIPS to pilot some work for them. Dr. Palmer will let Steve know that Denise is interested in being a part of this work

  • Interested in support on the Insights reports and curriculum connections to identify gaps in curriculum based on MAP results. 


Non-Core- On-site- Focus:  Fine Arts, Career Education, PE


Para- On- site- Focus:  paraprofessional training with high expectations, provide supports without enabling students, growth mindset, relationships and basics of support academics (reading and math)

  • Interested in providing half day district wide paraprofessional trainings

  • May ask for support with facilitating choice sessions on the science of reading and equity


Reading- On-site- Focus:  Training around core shifts, scaffolding learning in reading, develop aligned and relevant professional learning for 6-12 ELA, cross curricular reading connections

  • 6-8 Literacy

    • May need support for this grade band in the science of reading


Science- on-site- Focus:  Literacy within Science, scaffolding reading and writing supports


STEM Trailer- will reach out if interested in the future


STEM/STEAM- on-site- Focus:  support for gifted specialist


Writing- on-site- Focus cross curricular writing supports, developing literacy assessments with a focus on writing rather than multiple choice


Technology Integration- on-site- Focus:  Canvas, Synergy?, training for integration specialists (standards, common assessment writing)

  • Would like ESU 10 to begin investigating Synergy especially the assessment component. Would like support in this area in the future. 


Student Activities- yes will participate

Training and support in the analysis and application of formative, interim, and summative data. Examples: data analysis facilitation, training, and consultation related to classroom, state, and national data.
Blended Learning
Direct support and professional learning for schools engaged in a blended learning initiative. Example activities: on-site classroom observations, technical assistance support, workshop facilitation, one-on-one consultation
Central Region Autism Grant
Our Autism Regional Coordinator, along with the Autism Team provides training and consultation to district staff in order to support students on the Autism Spectrum.
Continuous School Improvement
Consultation, workshops or direct work with school districts to assist with the CIP process. Examples: Steering Committee Meeting, mission/vision work, data retreat to create CIP goal, action plans, program evaluation, preparing for CIP external review
Example activities: curriculum alignment process, instructional materials selection process and consultation, workshop facilitation on incorporating standards into classroom practice
ELA Content
Training specific to literacy (reading and writing) instruction, literacy strategies consultation and/or intervention training.
High Ability Learning
Training, support and consultation for teachers of high ability learners.
Training on foundational pedagogical practices and strategies that can be implemented across content areas. Classroom examples: student engagement, comprehension, classroom management, relationships.
Professional learning and consultation for administrators and teacher leaders in support of district initiatives. Examples: one-on-one consultation; coaching conversations; Strategic Leadership trainings and meetings; leadership network triads
Training specific to math instruction; math strategies consultation; intervention training
Direct support of the MTSS process and practices in school districts. Example activities: team meeting, data analysis, action plans, creating process/protocols, professional development, on-site or virtual coaching and/or consultation.
NWEA Certified Facilitators providing consultation, training, and data analysis for administrators, teachers and staff.
Training specific to non-core content instruction and other/non-core consultation. Examples: Social Studies, Fine Arts, Career Education, World Language, Physical Education
Para Training
Workshop facilitation, webinar training, on-site support and/or consultation.
Training specific to science instruction, science strategies consultation and/or intervention training.
Best practices in STEM/STEAM including classroom support, instructional materials, planning, and STEM/MNM trailer.
Technology Integration Support
Workshop facilitation and training; on-site support; consultation; modeling technology tools; coaching of technology tools
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Technology (84-002.05B)
Distance Learning
Coordination of distance and online learning.
Repair Services
Repair Services
Technical Support
Helpdesk supported systems, managed services, Tech Planning, Distance Learning
Student Services
Assistive Technology
ATP is run by VR and NDE. This program supports all Nebraska districts in providing AT services to children and students Birth-21.
Speech Language Pathology
Our SLPs provide services and supports for children and students with disabilities ages Birth-21.
Other Services
Student Activities
All student activities hosted by ESU 10. Examples: Quiz Bowl, Science Olympiad, Digital Citizenship Symposium, STEMfest
Title III
Title III provides support for compliance of Rule 15, including materials acquisition and use, language supports in the classroom, creation and maintaining required documentation, professional learning planning related to supporting English learners, and program development