2023 - 2024

St Mary's Elementary School (Private)
2022 - 2023
ESU 10

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
1201.00 - Digital Resource
Services schools use or purchase from ESU 10; Example: OverDrive
Technology (84-002.05B)
1301.00 - Technology Support
General technology and technical support.
1301.08 - Planning & Consultation
Strategic planning and general IT consulting
1302.00 - Infrastructure
Infrastructure and managed services that support various technology initiatives, including internet access, servers, and other supporting software.
1302.02 - DNS (Domain Name System)
Management, support and/or hosting for DNS domains and records [GoDaddy, CloudFlare, DNS Made Easy, etc.]
1302.05 - Server Hosting
Physical or virtual server hosting.
1302.06 - Web & Application Hosting
Hosting of websites and other applications.
1304.00 - Information Security
Cybersecurity planning, training and reporting focused on support and sharing resources before, during and after a cybersecurity event. (ODIE security Dashboards).
1306.00 - E-Rate
Universal Service E-Rate filing and consultation.
Student Services
Grant Services
Other Services
Other (not a requirement of SIMPL)