2019 - 2020

ESU 03

Staff Development Services (84-002.05A)
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Support for content training in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
Data Literacies, Displays, and Analysis
Support for analysis, organization, and display of continuous improvement data
High-ability Learner Support
Support, professional learning, and educational programming for district High-ability learner teachers, students, and staff.
High-Ability Learners User Group Meeting
District High-Ability Learner contacts meeting.
Instructional Coach
Assigned instructional coach to district.
Instructional Coaching
Classroom instructional coaching, including technology integration, or support for classroom coaching.
Instructional Technology Integration
SAMR Model Training, Support for Online or Technology Tools to Transform Curriculum Implementation
Instructional Technology Users Group Meetings
District Instructional Technology users group meeting.
Leadership Support
Professional learning and consultation for administrators and teacher leaders in support of district initiatives, including, but not limited to, Adult Learners, Balanced Leadership, Change Process/Change Management, Teambuilding, and Nebraska Teacher/Principal Evaluation
Multi-Tier Systems of Support
Structure, process, and implementation of MTSS, including behavior, SEL, and mental health/suicide prevention
Professional Learning Department Network Meetings
District Professional Learning contacts network meeting.
Reading/Language Arts Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Support for reading/language arts training in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
Science Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Support for science training in curriculum, instruction, and assessment
Superintendents' Network
Superintendent networking meetings on ESU campus throughout the year. ESU Administrator discusses, shares, and plans services provided to the districts.
Instructional Materials Services (84-002.05C)
Technology (002.05B Technology)
Student Services
Brook Valley Level III School
Brook Valley Schools serve students with disabilities in grades K-12+ with significant cognitive or behavioral difficulties. Specialized programming and support are provided to move towards a transition back to neighborhood schools.
CPI Training
Training and certification in the Crisis Prevention Program, used to de-escalate difficult behavior and keep students and staff safe in a crisis.
Early Childhood Services
Certified staff member who delivers diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services for children with disabilities ages Birth-5.
Early Learning Connection-Omaha Region
Integrated system of early childhood professional development.
Metro Region Transition Grant
Regional advisory team meetings (districts and community agencies), parent workshops and transition coaches trainings to provide technical assistance and increase awareness in the area of secondary transition.
MTSS Support
District training and consultation, including PEaK Project consortium districts, to support MTSS implementation efforts
Student Services Professional Learning
Professional learning events and activities in specialized areas. Examples may include PLCs and special education trainings/workshops.
Other Services
Perkins Grant Consortium
Provides grant facilitation, management, professional development, and networking for Career and Technical Education teachers through the Carl D Perkins Grant Consortium.